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Who is this man inside a picture frame that you’re ogling, Hel? HRM??
Also hello Belladonna-boobies, always nice to see some tiddies around here.

I had done pretty much zero illustrations to sell during the month of January, instead I went hard to work working on a sticker set I’ve been planning for since December.
I’m really happy to say there are over 60 UNIQUE illustrations and OVER 100 stickers to use!
Here are some sneak peeks
That’s mainly a work in progress of the first sticker sheet, so far I think there will be about 10 sticker sheets to use for the whole sticker set. I’m currently working on the last sticker and the layout for the sheets. 🙂
Alright, I’ll see you all next week I think? I might be going somewhere, so we’ll see :]


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Oh, Hel, you’ve got a little something-something on your face.

Sorry for the shameless self promo yet again, but my commissions are still open! I do have digital commissions open as well as traditional. If you’re interested feel free to contact me through either twitter ( @ aggiebun ) or my email ( aggiebun AT hotmail DOT com ) and if you’re willing to share it around as well as the comic that would be amazing. Recently I left work like 4 hours into my 10 hour shift to go to the hospital because I wasn’t feeling too good. I honestly thought that maybe I had gotten sick with COVID given that I work in a place where we’ve had 2 confirmed cases in the last 2 weeks and a total of like 14 cases since August. ( I did test NEGATIVE btw, so no COVID :D) So, I’m basically on leave until Sunday (hopefully) but because I haven’t been working here a full year I’m not getting paid for this leave. I honestly can’t tell 100% why I’m feeling ill recently. I don’t have any cold/flu symptoms, I don’t have a fever, I just get dizzy, I feel nauseous and like I’m going to pass out. Also I tend to heat up a lot and when there’s a fan the cold wind hurts my skin. Headaches have also been a thing but that’s more easily manageable, so I don’t complain too much about that. I think maybe I need the open air more and being stuck in basically a factory/warehouse for 10 hours a day makes me ill?? I’m already home all the time for art. ;-;
Anyway, I do have plans to incorporate healthier meals and eventually when the virus starts going down (I’m currently in a zipcode where the amount of sick people with covid is spiking…) I will definitely look into going on my walks again. Sorry, I know this is a huge post filled with info-dump, but any help is appreciated 🙂 thanks for reading!
Be good, stay healthy and if you want, please vote for SCORNED on Topwebcomics!   I’ve officially added a new incentive! 😉


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WARNING: might be slightly triggering for some people – nothing too graphic besides a glimpse of violence.

I wanted to upload this comic earlier but I was trying to do some editing to the site, as you can see I updated the header because I felt like it was wayyyyy too big so I just left it as the name of the comic. Maybe at some point I’ll make something special?? probably way down the line.

Today was an on and off day of constant nausea and headache ;-; most I’ve been doing recently are commissions and some minor page works. I wish I could sleep for like… 24 hours straight at this point. Anyway – if you see some things appear different here and there, it’s because I am editing the site a bit, slowly but surely!

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The speech bubbles were actually meant to be more appealing than what they are now but I was in a rush to update last week for my patreon and just haven’t bothered editing since… so I’m saving that for print lol

If you follow me on twitter then you probably know that I’m interested in changing my art style. I was kind of going on a frenzy this past week but I think I’ve come to terms that maybe it’s not really my art style that I want to change but instead improve? Such as cleaner lines, proper use of anatomy, so on and so forth. Anyway, that being said, if in the nearby future you see slight changes here and there then you know why!
Originally I wanted to attempt to have some sort of a Tim Burton and DC style mash-up for my art. But to be honest, when I try to think about it, I don’t even know what that really looks like. I know I do want my art to appear softer and honestly if there’s anything I really want to change for sure, would be my coloring. I do want my colors to appear more gloomy and softer as well… but I think that would require a whole new learning method to my coloring. So that may happen very slowly over time.

While I’ve been crazy and debating my art and everything- I did get an eventually art block from this stress and decided to relax and try to do some studies, mostly anatomy. I highly recommend it. If you can’t draw what you want, then why not study and draw you should? It’s really helpful.
Also got some new art materials to try out, maybe next week I’ll have something to show for it?
Thanks for reading this giant info dump! If you’ve made it to the end and you’re willing to vote for Scorned on TOPWEBCOMICS that would be awesome:


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Annie’s poor face of “Oh God, I just fucked up, didn’t I?” and Muirne’s outrageous jokes are the best part of this page. Besides Hel’s beautiful face up top.
Also hey, so I just opened up traditional commissions. If you’re interested in getting one please feel free to contact me! aggiebun (at ) hotmail (dot) com !!
Here is some info:

there is a google doc to serve as a ToS for you, more info on shipping, refunds/cancellation, etc.  
Anyway! have an awesome week and I’ll see you next Thursday!! 😉
Vote for Scorned! – also I’m so sorry for not updating the vote incentive, I forget to 90% of the time.


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Hey everyone! If you’ve stumbled upon my site from twitter or elsewhere and you see that the URL is obviously different (probably because you couldn’t access it’s because it is! I went into it a bit in my FaQ page, it’s the 9th question. But I’ll go into it here too!
I toyed with renaming HF as Scorned for about a week before officially making the change. The original name was meant to be a play on words but I think it really went over everyone’s head lol – and that’s okay, it’s really not that obvious. But Scorned sounded really good, as it’s one name, easy to say and can roll off the tip of the tongue easily. So Scorned won as the pros/cons list had a better outcome in the pros points.
So, PLEASE make sure to update your links – RSS feed, whatever it is that you use to know that there is an update – etc.
Onto some other stuff – pretty sure I’ve said it before but I had my patreon on pause because I felt like I couldn’t deliver my promises to people about the things I wanted to do, tier rewards specifically, so I gave my patreon a revamp and messaged my patrons in case they wanted a refund for the last month that they pledged due to this revamp. My patreon is now a “pay what you want” with $2 as a base tier – you can still select the amount that you want to pledge – and you’ll get the rewards at the end of the month as usual, so that means you can get early updates, work in progress images and more basically at $1 per month if you wanted! So in case you wanted to help Scorned or me, in a more financial way, my patreon is basically now super cheap or honestly you can just share my webcomic around – that would be great! Word of mouth really does do wonders for a webcomic! 🙂


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Happy Thursday!! I just got confirmation yesterday that the pins are in the process of shipment so hopefully they’ll be here the latest Tuesday of next week?
Also in case I haven’t said anything I took a big risk and changed my hours at work. I would end up sleeping a lot and not doing everything I wanted on my days off, and since I would love to get back into art and actually work on my stuff I realized I would also love to try and make extra cash off of commissions again and maybe the reduction in hours would really kick me in my butt and help me thrive to reach that.
My new official schedule starts the 18th so here’s to hoping it works out! I’m very behind in pretty much EVERYTHING I want to do so I really hope I can catch up with everything in a timely manner.
Also I would love to activate my patreon again, I haven’t turned on payments since August I think lol

ANYWAY, have a nice and awesome week! See you next Thursday!!
If you want to support the comic please just share it around and vote for it on TWC! 


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A simple start, but we all love Annie here, right? Also I am so proud of that food. One of my art goals is to create decent looking food, or at least something that looks potentially edible :’D
Oh I got a new printer today, I hope I can start making stickers again, maybe next week I’ll get to it? We’ll see. I have quite a bit to do! I have to flat some pages for Mal, I have the anthology and of course my two comics, Hel’s Ferrywomen and Scarred Eden :p but I would love to get back into making my own merch again. And speaking of merch, I made some chibis of the main cast of HF!

I adore my girls and I think they look really good! I made these so they can be like button/badges! They’ll be made from maple wood and I so hope they arrive before Halloween because I think they would be awesome for a lovely Halloween sale :] speaking of all these main girls, I actually updated their the bios of some and changed their pictures over in the character page!
ALSO, before I end this post, I GOT FAN ART OF HEL FROM SHAOZ!

I love it! Hel looks amazing! Thank you so much, Shaoz!!
And if you wanna vote for Hel’s Ferrywomen on TopWebcomics that would be pretty sweet!!
Have a beautiful week! I’ll see you Thursday 😉


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AHHHH, CHAPTER 2 IS HEREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. (also I see the text where my name is is actually messed up – I have to install the text I previously had on my old PC to my tablet to fix that.)

This chapter is going to be rather long compared to the previous chapters? And that’s because I’m going to be covering a decent amount here. We’re gonna get to know all the girls better, we’re going to discuss a bit about what happened to Annie (mandatory trigger warning obviously so please be cautious and do what is best for your mental health!) and we’re also going to explore more about the world of the ferrymen, ferrywomen, vampires, werewolves, etc.
And hey, wanna see something amazing I have??

That’s right! I’ve got Hel merch!! They are however very limited, I’ve only got about 25 of them.
They’re a double sided clear acrylic charm from Zap!Creatives. You can choose either a cat lobster-clasp or a moon lobster-clasp. The stars that come with the charm are completely random. 😀
AND DUDE I manage in like 2ish hours to finally set up my little store so you guys could buy these cuties!!
Here is the link:  you don’t need to create an account or anything and if you buy them in the U.S. then there is free shipping!! ^-^
Anyway, I hope you enjoy this chapter!

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