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AHH I forgot to update!!Im so sorry, I’ve been so busy with streaming and trying to get work done and make money that I forgot ;-;

please forgive me
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Hel, being sassy and not giving a crap about if you hear her side comments. 10/10 would marry a woman like that.
They do always say the short ones are the feisty ones. She may not be able to reach your face to slap it but she sure can punch you in the dick. Or vagina. Whatever you wanna pack down there.

Also, yes, vampires do have great hearing, they also have a great sense of smell and vision. But it is 10x better at night. 😀
So, spooky season has begun! I can’t wait for us to go through it together! Even if it is just once a week.
I hope October treats you well! 🙂
Also, the character page has been updated! We’ve got Adam, Dermot and Hazel there!

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Yes, Annie, I too slip and accidentally punch my mirror so fierce that I break all the way through and damage the wall as well, AND I bleed but have no reaction to it. NO SUCH THING AS MISTAKES, JUST HAPPY ACCIDENTS RIGHT?

Also Annie and Hazel are being absolute cuties! Which reminds me, I need to update the cast page to include Adam, Dermot and Hazel! However it’s 10:30pm and I wanna get in bed by 11pm, so maybe by next week I’ll have it prepped and ready?? I do want a better pic of Adam too, if I’m being honest.
Also, I started a new job on Monday, which I’m happy about. This one seems way more promising and I’ve been streaming on twitch, I’m currently trying to work out a good schedule where I can balance gaming and work, so far I think I’ll be working on my comic on my days off which is 3 days off and do my gaming after my work day. 🙂

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what’s this??? a new friend for Annie??? yessssssss! Annie sure could use a new friend and a distraction from her current thoughts. Hazel is A CUTIE.

Just wanted to let you all know that I’m working on a 4 page halloween comic for an anthology, and I can’t wait to finish it! I’m also working on some spooky season stickers that I can’t wait to show you either! I haven’t been to dedicated to comic creating as I would like, so I’m really slow with making progress on recent pages, but I’m getting them done or at least trying my best.
I’ve been going through a bit of a slump, so I’m really focusing on things that can distract me and bring me joy at the same time.


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Not even going to lie, I forgot to update SCORNED Wednesday night because I decided to play video games and stream it, which, btw, shameless promo, if you have  a twitch and enjoy watching people play spooky games, please feel free to follow me here    

I’m currently doing Dead by Daylight and slowly going through ALIEN: Isolation, I do plan on expanding my game list, especially horror, but these are my big two for the moment.

Anyway, I really hope you liked last page and this page, we’re getting some Vampire lore through the means of showing AND telling. In case you don’t recognize it, this memory is 100% that dinner scene that happened at the start of the chapter, if you don’t remember it though, I don’t blame you… it’s been a whole damn year or close to it :’)
Originally I wanted to expand on vampires and make Annie ask all sort of questions, but to make sure the story moved along I decided against it and that we would just simply learn through her since she’s a fresh vampire that’s bound to learn new things!

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It’s not a drama webcomic without at least breaking one mirror right? Right? I hope I’m right. I’m trying to check off all of my drama-trope-boxes.

How has everyone’s Labor Day Weekend been?
I hope it’s been good! Mine was okay! To be honest I completely lost a day, I kept thinking Monday was Tuesday and Tuesday was Wednesday lol I only realized what day it was when I had to throw out the trash.

Anyway, I’ve opened up my services as a comic assistant for flatting and inking! So if you or someone you know needs some assistant with their comics: – this is a thread with examples of my work and some straightforward pricing, it also has a google doc that goes over everything far more thoroughly!

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Ooooh, look at this fancy bathroom! I’ve been slowly building Caleb’s mansion in a 3D program so this bathroom is 100% referenced from the model I’ve been working on, this room Annie entered is a room mainly to wash your hands, look at yourself in the mirror and then there are 2 doors that lead to 2 different rooms which have a bathroom and shower :p I REALLY didn’t want to draw a toilet haha

So, in case you don’t follow me on twitter, I’ve been working on a ton of new art products and merch!

this fanart was done by PIT_FACE!! Click here for her socials!

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So, originally I thought I was gonna have a lot of fun working on this page but I did nooooot. Perspective is just so hard to work with some times lol and I wanted to try my best to establish a shot, show some full-body here and there, just… really show the space in where they are.
Anyway, I’ve been away for this week but hopefully when I get back I can go back into comic-mode and work really hard, I’m currently working on page page 32-35 with sketching and I cannot wait to see this chapter end.
Mainly because I really think chapter 3 is gonna be fun 🙂
Anyway, I’m not even gonna attempt that side bar again, so, if you could click here to vote for SCORNED on TWC, that would be AMAZING.
Also I’ve got a new art print up on my shop here.


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I’ve been trying to change Annie’s hair. I felt like her hair was way too orange so if you slowly see it getting darker or just being changed in tone and what not, you know why.
ANYWAY, are you really going to the bathroom, Annie? Are you??

I’ve got some new stuff on my shop, 2 new stickers and 2 new art prints! 🙂 It would be sweet if you could check them out!
ALSO, the side buttons, I still can’t edit them. SO If you could PLEASE CLICK HERE TO VOTE FOR SCORNED ON TWC THAT WOULD BE AMAZINGGGGG!!!


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I really loved working on the solo images of Annie, Belladonna and Hel. I think they look SO GOOD.
Also, we meet a new character! Yay! his name is Adam, THIS GUY I ACTUALLY PROPERLY INTRODUCED, but mainly because he’s kind of vital to Annie’s story, sorry for potential spoilers, but I think that was made obvious above, him being Evina’s partner and working on the case, Annie’s case specifically.
So, he’s a pretty chill guy I guess. I’m still coming up with a last name for him, but you can expect to see him making his way into the side character section at some point soon! (I’m honestly waiting to get a good drawing of him to use lol)
Also, vampire lady on the staircase is Amaya, I’m not gonna bother hiding her name from you guys and especially if I mention her, I don’t wanna say lady in red or mysterious staircase woman, that’s just too much to type lol.

So I hopped on the bandwagon of using spreadsheets to organize my comic and I really like!ImageImage
I can’t tell if you can make out the details all that well, I did shrink it down so it wouldn’t completely take over the description :’D
I might work on chapter 4 later tonight. The spreadsheet has been great in terms of figuring out how long each chapter will last, when to take my in between chapter breaks and more.
Also hey, if you’re into voting PLEASE vote for SCORNED on TWC! (p.s, I can’t seem to edit the buttons on the side but there is a new incentive for sure! Once again featuring our lovely Muirne!)

I’ll see you next week 🙂

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