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02-18 published on No Comments on 02-18

I know Hel’s neck/body alignment is totally off, I’ve been meaning to fix it because it’s so weird but I’ve been putting it off lol – but I did work really hard on this page and I really hope you guys like it ;-;

So I figured today would be a great day to tell you all that I’m actually going on yet ANOTHER HIATUS, yay, I’m so damn accomplished it’s incredible /s
I’m actually just going on a hiatus until I am completely done fixing my room/house/everything. I can’t focus on my art when I feel the pressure to fix what needs to be fixed and I can’t focus on fixing anything when I feel the pressure to work on my comic to make sure it’s posted in a timely manner. It absolutely sucks but I feel like this needs to be done so I can focus on the immediate necessities.
I will work on my comic when I can and post it on patreon as pages get done, but for the public I’m just gonna hold off until everything is in order at home.

I have a gofundme if you wanna donate to it and help me out.
I have a patreon if you wanna get perks.
And then I have a new vote bait listed for my TWC if you wanna see the preview to the next page that will be available when the Gods deem it so.

ALSO before I go, I have a ton of things available in my shop if you wanna get some cute stuff and support me that way.

The Viking and the Volva pin set (comes with another pin for $15!)
familiar chibi pins! ($5 each!)
My current wooden chibi pins of the SCORNED cast is half off for an indefinite amount of time!! Currently $3.50 each!! (except for Phyrra)



02-17 published on No Comments on 02-17

I guess Hel won that fight and got to keep her dress and hair-do 😉

Sorry for not updating last week, I wasn’t feeling myself and wanted to not go through the struggles of updating my comic in a timely manner before 12am EST Thursday.
In my last update I actually stated that I had a flood, apparently the flood was MUCH worse than what I originally thought and I’ve been cleaning my room SINCE the day of the flood because apparently my room is like a clown car, very small but just SOMEHOW there’s a whole ton of stuff in there??? so much went to the garbage and my floor actually has wooden flooring so now I have to make sure that’s all okay because apparently my room’s floor was still soaked even after 2 days in certain areas that I just thought the flood didn’t even touch -_-  and then I got more weighing on me, such as trying to make ends meet while also trying to fix my place up, I sort of gave in and I even started a GoFundMe because I knew that on my own there was no way I was going to be able to pay my bills and my rent this month.
If you’re interested in reading more about that situation, here is a link

I also have a button on my side bar.
Anyway, I did say on twitter I would have a double update this week, so TOMORROW, another page will go live with a bit more information attached.
Thanks for reading 🙂

If you’re into voting for SCORNED so it can make it to that top list in TOPWEBCOMICS, there’s a button on the sidebar! You even get a preview to the next page! 🙂


02-16 published on No Comments on 02-16

Well, if this isn’t quite the group, I really don’t know what is 😀 also can we PLEASE appreciate Hel’s legs here? I absolutely love the lighting on them, also, she’s very short so naturally her legs are on the smaller side, but this girl deserves some good fucking legs that make her look 6ft tall, ok?
Also yes, Hel. Belladonna is now your mom.

Anyway, I had quite the day today, I left my faucet running apparently (literally don’t even remember using it) and I had a small flood in my bathroom that then leaked a little into my room… So I spent most of the day trying to dry it, of all the things that I do have, A MOP IS NOT ONE OF THEM APPARENTLY. So I just wasted all of my towels trying to dry everything and had to get rid of a bunch of stuff, but that’s okay I guess, it really inspired me to do some spring cleaning!

ON A HAPPIER NOTE, Scorned’s birthday was the 19th, so for the week everything on my shop that’s strictly related to SCORNED will be HALF OFF!! AAAAAAAAAAAAND I’m also doing a little Q&A with the cast and creator kind of thing, I know it’s a little last minute but here is what’s been done so far:

I actually have another 4 questions to get through but I’m currently working on a commission too, but hey, I’m taking questions until the 23rd! So, if you have anything you’d like to ask the cast or me, feel free to comment below with your question!!
Thank you so much for a wonderful and supportive one year of SCORNED!!
Vote on the TWC link in the sidebar to get a preview at next week’s page 🙂


02-15 published on No Comments on 02-15

Hel is an absolute bombshell in this page, a nice burgundy-magenta-ish mini-dress, her wavy raven locks cover half of her face and she’s got a nice sultry look going on. (

Am I a simp? yes. And now, so are you.

P.S. I know Belladonna’s speech bubbles might look weird, I meant to fix it but I kind of just lost track of time so here we are, just another thing to add to the pile of list of edits for printing :p

Speaking of simping and printing, I’ve got some cute charms on the wayyyyy!! I hope you’ll like them ;-;

But to be honest, I’ve got quite a few, but one set is not related to SCORNED while another one is! When I’ve got them in hand I will most definitely take a pic and show you guys!!

ALSO, April 19th is SCORNED’s first birthday!!! Which means everything that’s strictly related to SCORNED will be HALF OFF!!! That’s right! So if you wanted a chibi Annie pin which is normally $7 will now be $3.50!!

Side stuff, I’ve been super slow with Scorned, I’m faced with a whole bunch of new people I’ll have to draw and crowd scenes and staircases as well as fancy mansion/manor decor… so I’m just…. lazily going about it…
ANYWAY, I hope you enjoy this page, sorry for the super slow updates! Enjoy your weekend

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02-14 published on No Comments on 02-14

This page, was not very entertaining but it’s actually a filler page to help create a smooth transition into the next 2 pages which I personally find hilarious :’D

Do you guys like the little designs I’ve done?? I updated the buttons on the side bar just a little bit. I’m thinking about editing the top bars too. That’ll take some editing and adjusting because it’s a deeper dive into coding than just the buttons on the side.
Anyway, that’s all I have to say! I won’t be here Easter, but I hope you all have a nice Easter and a great Sunday! Which – speaking of Sundays – I’ve started writing articles on The Drunk Duck Webcomics specifically for Sunday posts! Let me know if you read them and what you think! 🙂

In the mood to support SCORNED? You can join the patreon and get access to all perks for as low as $1 per month! Also, if you’re willing, your vote on TOPWEBCOMICS would mean just as much to me!!
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02-13 published on No Comments on 02-13

I’m gonna be real, I don’t know how to draw horses and when the time comes, I’ll be doing the necessary edits to this page, but for now, THIS IS JUST HOW IT’S GOING TO BE :’D
Also I wonder what qualifies as ‘everything’ to Hel. We’ve seen her past, so what did she have to lose?


Also my sticker set is outttt with a whole bunch of other stuff!
as something a little special, I made 3 limited edition stickers of Annie, anyone who had an order of $30 or more would get one!

There’s only one sticker left, seriously, thank you to everyone who actually wanted to get more from my shop. It means so much to me!

Aaaand to everyone who made a purchase, I made sure to draw up cute little thank you sketches along with some thank you notes and coupons for a future purchase! <3

thank you all so much for your support!

I really appreciate it 🙂
If you into voting, please vote for SCORNED on the TWC link on the sidebar! 🙂 <3 tyyyy!


02-12 published on No Comments on 02-12

Sorry for not updating on Wednesday night, I’ve been going to bed super early recently lol but I think I need to start finding a way to properly schedule these comic pages, I just prefer to post them when I’m awake so I can post on my social media about all the updates.
I had a lot of fun working on this page, I was a little sad that I had to cloud the vibrant greens with a blue hue, I decided that when I show Hel’s past I would like to make it blue-ish so it looks a bit gloomy. I’m not sure if I can pull that off with the other girls, but we’ll see! That’s what is so great about webcomics, you can experiment all the time!

As for the sticker set, it’s almost doneeeeee. I am so excited AHHHH I hope you’ll like it! ^_^
If possible please vote for SCORNED on TOPWEBCOMICS, share the story on your social media platforms and definitely ask your pets to read it too.


02-11 published on No Comments on 02-11

Hel’s stare is the definition of death stare, If looks could kill, amirite? I’m curious about who she’s talking about. (not really, I know who she’s talking about)
For those who are curious about the sticker set…. LOOK

Doesn’t it look so good???? I’m so beyond happy with how it’s turned out.  (there are only four sheets displayed here but there are a total of 10 sheets per set) I’m unfortunately running a day behind my desired schedule, so all of Thursday I’m gonna have to do the printing sessions, I worked basically all day Wednesday on ONE book mark, BLEGH D: I wanted to at least do two, but it’s okay. THINGS HAPPEN. The important part is getting the sticker set ready! Since I have limited paper I do have to do a stock management, so I can’t just freely print when people order, I have to print them all and then set them up. SO MUCH STUFF. Don’t forget to vote for SCORNED on TWC!! 🙂


02-10 published on No Comments on 02-10

ok, you have no idea how much I loved sketching, inking, coloring and adding shine to her butt.
You will never know the happiness and joy I feel when I feel like I made a VERY nice butt. BUTTS ARE MY LIFE.

Okay, so side stuff, my sticker set is completeeee! I’m waiting on more of my sticker paper to arrive to really start printing and in the meantime I’m trying to work on more art for my shop, I want to make some book plates and some book marks, I also already have another sticker set idea in mind, but I want to focus on Scorned just a bit more for the moment.
Btw, my patreon is a pay-what-you-want deal! So you can pledge as low as $1 per month to get access to all my goodies. 🙂 Patrons will be getting deals on the sticker set and will be notified of it first when it’s officially live on my shop before the public. Soooo, if you wanna hop on this bandwagon, consider joining my patreon and getting monthly bundles and more! 🙂

Thanks for reading, hope to see you next week! 🙂


02-09 published on No Comments on 02-09

Who is this man inside a picture frame that you’re ogling, Hel? HRM??
Also hello Belladonna-boobies, always nice to see some tiddies around here.

I had done pretty much zero illustrations to sell during the month of January, instead I went hard to work working on a sticker set I’ve been planning for since December.
I’m really happy to say there are over 60 UNIQUE illustrations and OVER 100 stickers to use!
Here are some sneak peeks
That’s mainly a work in progress of the first sticker sheet, so far I think there will be about 10 sticker sheets to use for the whole sticker set. I’m currently working on the last sticker and the layout for the sheets. 🙂
Alright, I’ll see you all next week I think? I might be going somewhere, so we’ll see :]

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