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02-45 published on No Comments on 02-45

Annnnnd here we are! The very last page of chapter 2! It is SO GOOD to finally be here. I would often get lost with what I wanted to achieve in chapter 2, this would make me become slower, halt the page making and lead to hiatuses or skipped weeks, but, I started to get on track with what I wanted for this chapter and this story overall, and it all started to click together. I’m happy we have reached this point together and I can only hope I’ll see you all for the next chapter.

Thank you all for reading and sticking with this story, even through the very bumpy rides!!

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I will see you all February 16th for the new chapter. πŸ™‚




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If you’re having a hard time reading the text, I am sorry, I’m still a baby to working this out BUT for now, if you want, just right click on the image and select “OPEN IMAGE IN NEW TAB” and you can freely zoom in. πŸ™‚
It’s the first spread I’ve ever done and I… I just really love it.Β  There’s a lot to this page and I hope you guys like some of this backstory on Hel. Speaking of which, Liulfr will get added to the minor characters. Anyone that has made an impact in the lives of the main cast but hasn’t/isn’t very much present in the comic, goes into the minor characters. I was thinking about making a “notable mentions” that’s specific to characters of the past who are no longer with the cast buuuut I figured I wouldn’t have enough characters for that. I really think Liulfr would be the only one. But I really love this page and I hope this was a treat to you guys πŸ™‚

As for IRL stuff, on Christmas Eve I actually got a call from the hospital, I had taken a covid test on the 22nd and on the 24th they let me know that I did indeed have it, so I had to let work know, BUT WORST OF ALL, my dad ended up getting sick with covid as well, so, I had to take an extra week off from work because I can’t return until both my dad and I are recovered because our place is so small we can’t actually quarantine from each other. So, fortunately, my work was kind enough to let me return the 9th of January to work and fortunately they were willing to give me 2 paid weeks of leave.
While resting I am of course working on my comic because… I clearly have priorities that don’t involve taking care of myself.

ANYWAY, next week is the last page of chapter 2 and then we’re going on a hiatus and then chapter 3 is starting upppppp!!!! YASSSS.

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OOP, there’s a nip

So uh, Hel’s missing like half of her face, and showing a little more than skin. Also, I am aware I probably royally messed up her skeletal structure. When I was first writing this comic YEARS ago (which is funny because it’s about to be 6 years*) I was actually tempted to buy a skeleton model just for these scenes. Speaking of skeletons and dying, not really dying, but horribly sick, I got sick like 3-4 days ago? Omg, worst sick I’ve been in YEARS. I was so bad I had to miss my last week of double shifts (and miss out on a bonus) because I wasn’t sure if it was covid or just a really bad case of the flu. Either way, had to let work know so they could excuse my absence and not have this week count against me. But I am looking forward to recovering and just… getting back to work and properly work on my comic too.


*so about the funny part, just something I thought would be nice to share, when I was originally writing this comic it was… different. Hel was Hel… but not Hel, anyway, this comic was going to be released on June 6th of 2016 so I could have the three 6’s because I thought that would be rad. Anyway, the comic is different but… I’m happy with this story. πŸ™‚


oh and yes, *first* husband.

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This is it. This is the start of the end for this chapter. Three more pages to go and then hiatus time for me. If you keep up with my twitter, then you know I’ve actually gotten a head start on chapter 3 and making some great progress with it. I do still have to work on the “chapter 2.5” in fact I want to do a chapter 1.5 too, these are just like “in between chapters” just some background info on what happened, such as for the in between of chapter 2 and 3, there are actually 2 parts, one involves Caleb’s manor and the destruction of it, while the other one is a more personal one between Belladonna and Hel. All “in-between” chapters are meant to take up AT LEAST 2 pages being AT MOST 5 pages, because this is just some extra info and not necessary to the story at all. Like… the comic could live without this info but I thought it would be nice and let us inside the world of SCORNED just a little bit more.


ANYWAY, enough chatting for me.
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Charlotte wants to suck your blood. Literally.
Actually, it’s her blood. I’m gonna have to get into this at some point, but maybe that’ll be perfect for an in-comic lore. We are meant to learn a few things THROUGH Annie, so… We’ll get that. ;] also, I’m sure you can obviously tell the only real effort I made on this page were the hands, but other than that this was a speedy page and I was just trying to get this doneeeee – I think we have 3 pages left of chapter 2??

so, just a reminder that I have a patreon and I’ve already scheduled the first page of chapter 3!! I can’t waittt I am soooo excited for this.
I also have the TWC voting incentive up! So, if you wanna help get SCORNED popular… that would be pretty freakin’ sweeeet


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Don’t you love it when you just burst into a bunch of ravens? I know I do.
Also, just a reminder that I have lore of vampires, so if you’re curious about what’s gonna happen to Caleb, just navigateΒ here and find out more on what happens to banished vampires. It’s all the way at the bottom under “Blood Oath” πŸ˜€

Also hi! It’s December 1st which means a new month has started! If you’re interested, now would be the perfect time to support SCORNED on patreon get the bundle from November! I’ve made A LOT of progress and have a lot to show. All pages of chapter 2 are completed and scheduled for upload. I officially have about 10 weeks of vacation from SCORNED and I’m gonna spend it trying to get chapter 3 done as nicely as I can and the way I want to. Also, I would absolutely LOVE to go back to doing 2 updates per week. But I rather wait until I have a FOR SURE secure amount of pages to even do that.

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Oh, okay, Hel.
This page was actually rushed when I was working on it. So, apologies for the extremely low quality. This was originally going to be a spread page with the next page but formatted differently. Howeverrr I decided against it. We’ll see the spread page in like 3ish pages :p

Happy Turkey day! Hope you’re all having a wonderful Thursday. A bit of a late update today, I actually celebrated it on Wednesday instead and this Thanksgiving was my first time making a thanksgiving dinner all on my own. It was fun!! And since it was just my boyfriend and I, there weren’t many dishes to clean thankfully :p


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Dermot feeling real insecure right now next to giant vine that just popped out of the ground.

Anyway, this page was going to be differently, originally the vine was going to break through the ground *next* to them, but I couldn’t get the flow of movement right and I didn’t want to waste hours on a page trying to figure it out and be delayed with an update so I settled with the idea that the vine came through in front of them, so, for us, they’re behind the vine, it’s just that big that it covers both of them and obviously they’re like “oh shit” – didn’t quite capture Dermot’s facial expression all that well but that’s ok. This is another page that’s getting tossed into the “remake” folder for print.

I know I’ve been saying this but we’re getting reaaaal close to the end of this chapter. Like, 8 more pages to go I think?? If you wanna get ahead, please consider becoming a PATRON and get access to pages up to 2 weeks early! As well as speed paints, live painting sessions where I talk a whole lot of junk and also give tips on how I create my art and more!

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02-37 published on No Comments on 02-37

“I’ve seen enough hentai to know where this is going.”

I really wanted to show the side effects of Hel’s emotional outburst. Those vines didn’t just come out of nowhere, they did indeed come out of the ground and now taking over Caleb’s manor.

Also, there’s a school for gifted youngsters? Yes lmao, there’s backstory on it but I don’t know 100% if it will all be covered in the comic, but long story short, Belladonna invested in a “private” school for the supernatural throughout a handful of countries. Mostly for witches, warlocks and werewolves to learn about their abilities and control it, they also provide some history on the magic of the world and of course some basic school needs, like basic math, language and some science.

The reason for Annie possibly being the only vampire there? If you’ve read the lore (in the lore section) then you probably know that vamps aren’t just “made” out of nowhere like a baby, they’re in a way, chosen. True vampires are only women who have been wronged, resulting in death. Other vampires, like Caleb, are made from true vampires’ blood and are specifically chosen to become a vampire, they’re weaker, don’t have all the powers a true vampire has, etc. So basically, there’s actually not *a lot* of vampires out there.Β  It’s a very limited race. Buuut Annie could obviously still get the rest of her high school education and learn about the magical world she actually lives in.
Hope you liked this info πŸ˜€


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Okokokokok, I love this page, I love the whole composition and the expressions shown here and of course, Hel’s thighs in the bottom panel. I really hope you like this page too πŸ™‚

Also what Caleb is saying, is meant to be a sort of lullaby that was created after Hel fucked England up, I did write it myself and I actually paid a voice actress to voice those lines as Hel, hopefully next year I can have a proper animation for it and show it off T-T I’ve been working on a little animation project for awhile, but it’s going to take awhile before it’s finished.


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