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Hel’s Ferrywomen playlist – these are songs that really inspire me when it comes to Hel and other characters as well as plot points.

My COLOR-TINE PLAYLIST  – this was created during April, if you are from the future and successfully out of quarantine then just so you know this playlist was made to help entertain people every few days during this rather frustrating time. 🙂


Helpful art&writer tips:
| great for if you have a very tall person and a very short person and you want as much as accuracy as you can get.

 Color-Picker | I have only personally used this once but the colors are awesome.
 Perspective-Ruler | I have yet to use this and I honestly don’t know why I didn’t try before but now that I found this link again I definitely will??? ._.
 Writing Excuses | this was recommended to me by a friend, I often find myself in strange pickles trying to figure stuff out from time to time and this podcast definitely helps.
 Writer’s Block | recommended to me by the same friend who recommended Writing Excuses, great article, quick read.
 AEON Timeline | I heavily use this especially for Scarred Eden. Since Scarred Eden is a big story that actually takes place across billions of years of knowledge being shoved into practically a span of one year for the story, this is handy. While I don’t see myself going back to the beginning (Big Bang) I do plan on bringing back some stuff from the B.C. eras.


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