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Elves are believed to be extinct at this point in time. It has been documented to be very few and those who did exist were said to be nomadic. Not much is known about elves besides that there has always been two types, Northern Elves which would have a very pale almost snow like complexion and Southern Elves with tanned golden skin, all Elves normally had rather large eyes and sharp-feathered ears. They’re all known have to some magical abilities, normally healing and white magic.



Even though they’re rare, they’re more common than Half-Elves, an Elf-Giant is the obvious combination of an Elf with a Giant, however they easily pass as just a rather tall human. They posses the physical of a Giant and the strength of one but with some magical ability from the Elf. This breed is more common than Half-Elves due to the alliance and friendship between Elves and Giants. Elves will normally stay at Giant camps to rest and resupply before wandering again.