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Happy New Year!!
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Welcome to Scorned! Click here to join the discussion on the latest page!

  • Interested in getting a traditional commission that you can hold and hang in your home or office? I now have traditional commissions open! Click the image to open the google doc for the ToS and more! PS: HEY! There is currently a Holiday Sale on my traditional commissions for thigh + only! The thigh + is now $100! ^-^ 
  • Scorned is back and with merch! If you wanna get your hands on a gorgeous acrylic charm of Hel then go to my shop!
    Link in the menu next to the comic!
  • Hel’s Ferrywomen is now known as SCORNED. You can read more about it in FaQ! Don’t forget to update your links and tell you wife, yo kids, yo husbands and yo doggos.

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