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Follow the story of Hel, a Scandinavian witch born circa 900A.D.

She grew up as a child with no name other than what those would call her, cursed, monster and death bringer. After years of torment she had finally reached a point in her life where she thought it was finally over, until the one she trusted betrayed her. Now she reaps the world of its impurities while hunting down the man who wronged her a thousand years ago.

(The story previously went by Hel’s Ferrywomen but was changed to Scorned in the beginning of chapter 2!)

GENRE: Supernatural/horror/drama. Preferred for readers of the age of 18 and over / contains violence, gore, language, sexual situations and partial nudity.
WARNING: this story will contain sensitive topics, please do whatever it is best for you and proceed with caution.

note from the CREATOR

Hey! I’m Alice, I also go by snowywisp and damehelsing around the web. I created Scorned around 2016, it was a very small project at the time and I didn’t have much love for it but I knew I wanted to expand on it, I worked on characters, plots, the general stuff. Four years later I decided I would work on it again and this time bring it to life.

Thanks to the wonderful amount of support Scorned has gotten I decided to take a big step went forth with creating a site for it.

So thank you so much for reading Scorned. 🙂