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Follow the story of Hel, a Scandinavian witch born circa 900A.D.

Hel has been on a thousand year hunt to exact revenge on the man who took everything from her, this man has disappeared from time to time, but she feels closer than ever before to completing her quest.

(The story previously went by Hel’s Ferrywomen but was changed to Scorned in the beginning of chapter 2!)

GENRE: Supernatural/horror/drama. Preferred for readers of the age of 18 and over / contains violence, gore, language, sexual situations and partial nudity.
WARNING: this story will contain sensitive topics, please do whatever it is best for you and proceed with caution.

note from the CREATOR

Hey! I’m Alice Elizabeth, but you can call me Alice or snowywisp, which is my main username around the web.
I’m a Brazilian-Norwegian-United States born artist, I specialize in 2D art and in the gothic genre. I love animals and had a furry companion named Maximus who was a Dutch Rabbit. (he passed away on December 6th of 2022)

SCORNED is dear to me as is most of my stories, SCORNED is made up from 2 small projects of mine, one that had to deal with Norse mythology and another that was all about witches, I combined the two and this is what I got. I hope you enjoy this story and any future creations of mine.

So thank you so much for reading Scorned. 🙂