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Welcome to Frequently Asked Questions.

Below I have questions listed that I have been often asked in the past 🙂
(or questions that came up once but seemed logical to add here… >.>)

Q1. When does Hel’s Ferrywomen Scorned update?
Scorned updates every Tuesday and/or occasionally Thursday. If I miss Tuesday’s update I’ll try to make it up on Thursday. 🙂

Q2.How did you get into webcomics?
It started around 2011? Maybe 2012? The first webcomic I found was LFG (Looking for Group) and by finding them I actually found more webcomics, such as Leylines,
Snow by Night, dream*scar and more.

Q3. Is Scarred Eden discontinued?
Scarred Eden is most definitely NOT discontinued. I just pushed myself a lot to work on that comic to be very disappointed by the standards so I wanted to take a big break before I dove back into again, I also would very much like to fix the story up a bit with what I currently have written so far. There are times where midway I’ll make a significant change to the story that may or may not have been revealed but it might seem like it’s colliding with current events… if that makes sense.

Q4. If Scarred Eden isn’t discontinued why make a site for Hel’s Ferrywomen Scorned which just started?
So… Hel’s Ferrywomen Scorned is meant to be a MUCH smaller project than Scarred Eden and it actually received a ton of love and support before even starting and by the time I did start it a lot of people kind of just hopped on the story immediately, even though it’s possible I made a site prematurely for Scorned (today is 5/18/2020 – we’re currently 7 pages into the story lol) I did want to test my coding skills because my idea is to bring Scarred Eden back when I’m ready to start releasing chapter 6 which is the final chapter of volume 2, but I wanted to bring Scarred Eden back on it’s very own official website. And since I’m currently on hiatus from it… it’s not gonna be any time soon.

Q5. What inspired Hel’s Ferrywomen Scorned?
So there are actually two stories combined here, I got heavily into Norse Mythology in 2016 and I was writing a story set in modern time but where Gods walked among humans and there was actually this one girl who worked under Hel as almost like a reaper/Valkyrie (this was actually titled Hel’s Ferrygirl) but that story kind of fell through as for some reason I stopped drawing it after like… page 10. A little later into the year I started reading a lot of medieval stories as well as getting involved in Irish folklore and that kind of made me want to make an Irish witch, which I did (her name was not anywhere near Hel though lol) but I didn’t want to make a comic, I actually wanted to make it almost as a short animation project and that’s actually how I learned the crap animation that I do now. Now I only expanded on the Irish Witch story and Hel’s Ferrygirl was pretty much scrapped, however in 2020 during a week long internet outage for me I actually decided to combine both stories and work on them since they work so well together. So… now we have Hel’s Ferrywomen Scorned, there are no Gods as far as I know walking among the living in this story but there’s plenty of supernatural beings and some horror here and there 😀

Q6. How long does it take you to finish a page?
From start to finish (blank canvas to final rendering) actually takes me around 6-9 hours, if I don’t work on one page straight through the day these 6-9 hours can take over the course of 2-4 days, depends on my workload for the week. Normally thumbnail/sketching takes 1-2 hours, refining the sketch takes about 1 hour while line art normally takes 2-3 and then coloring takes about 2-4 hours.

Q7. What dimensions are your comics?
For Hel’s Ferrywomen Scorned I actually use A4 while for Scarred Eden I use what is apparently called a large comic book format. Normally like 11×14 I think? But please take note that what should really matter is your DPI/resolution. A DPI/resolution of 300 is decent, I set mine to 350, but just remember that if it’s low the quality of your comic will also be low too.

Q8.Are commissions/freelance work available?
Yes! As of right now (5/18/2020) commissions/freelance work is available. If you’re curious about commissions prices please see on my FB and twitter, prices are listed.
As for freelance work rates apply differently to the line of work and the amount of work I’m being asked of. I’m currently available as a comic flatter and comic colorist.
You can contact me at for business inquiries. 🙂

Q9. Hey! Why is Hel’s Ferrywomen now known as SCORNED???
Okay, so as of the 16th of October of 2020 I officially changed Hel’s Ferrywomen to Scorned. I did talk to a few friends and fellow webcomic creators about this and some seemed to like Scorned better and others said that if I’m definitely certain about this change then to do it. I was debating changing the name for about a week or so due to these reasons:
Hel’s Ferrywomen: long name, was actually meant to be a play on words, ferryman = would lead people to the underworld, underworld = could be seen as Hell, Hel = sounds like Hell. So it was meant to be Like Hell’s Ferrywomen but instead Hel’s Ferrywomen and women because the entire MAIN CAST are all women.
SCORNED: Simple but still stands out, to the point, short, can be easily translated into different languages. Also is easier to say then Hel’s Ferrywomen which requires more tongue work.
This was a tough choice but one I definitely wanted to do since I do have prequels planned for this and the “ferrywomen” part makes absolutely no sense for Hel’s past, the ferrywomen part only comes in around the 16th-17th century of her life. SCORNED is more universal and can be used for any backstory of any character I want to make. Such as SCORNED: Hel (entirely about Hel’s young life) or SCORNED: Muirne (all about Muirne!) so on and so forth!