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Familiars are spectral beings that later turn into animals when their designated witch or warlock is found. Familiars can take the shape of different creatures but will normally take on a form that best resembles their master. They normally aid in guidance and protection. No one knows how Familiars came to be or where they come from but there is a lot of speculation among the Church that these creatures are gifts from Eve to her children.


Ever thought of a werefox? No? The kitsune aren’t anything like werewolves or werebears but they are foxes that can transform into humans, only Japanese women are found to have this ability but not every one of them has it. They’re quick-witted and charming. They are mostly seen in the companionship of witches and warlocks and have some magical abilities, mostly dealing with stealth.


There have been many tales of women singing and luring men to their deaths. Sirens are very unfriendly to humans, especially men but won’t hesitate to attack women either.


Werebears are a mysterious creature, no one knows of the origin or if there is a “Mother Bear” like there is a Mother Wolf. Werebears are known to be violent and aggressive when in their hybrid form. Humans who come to from their transformation will have no recollection of their time as this creature.


Full blooded werewolves are the product of a “Mother Wolf” – these werewolves can stick with the mother and be a pack or at a certain age can move on to other lands. Full blooded werewolves are actually born pups and then learn how to turn human, later conquering their hybrid form, if these full blood werewolves mate with another human however the opposite happens, a human is born that can later turn into a hybrid of a wolf and a human but never a complete wolf.