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Hel de Wit | Witch

Hel is a Scandinavian Witch born in Norway circa 900AD, since before her birth she was believed to bring death wherever she went and so she did. Now, she is on a quest to fulfill a thousand year old promise: to end the one who betrayed her.

Hel enjoys gardening and playing the harp. Hel has a familiar, Freyja, who takes the form of a raven.
| age: ?? | birthday: Frigg’s Day | height: 5’2″ | 

Annastasia Beaumont | Vampire 

Annie was a regular Texan girl, the “girl next door” kind. She was taken in by Hel and Phyrra after being found in the middle of a road leaving Texas, now she must learn how to cope with her new life as a vampire.

Annie was born on Friday the 13th, she plays the guitar & sings. She hates her real name so she goes by Annie.
| age: 17 | birthday: October 13th | height: 5’9″ (post-Vampirism) |

Belladonna Abbadonato | Vampire

Belladonna is a cliché vampire, she’s beautiful, rich and powerful. She was titled Queen of the Vampires by her peers for believing her to be the first of her kind. Despite the age difference, Belladonna took Hel in during the 15th century and treated Hel as her own daughter.

Belladonna plays the piano and despite having an allergy towards garlic, she will add it to all her dishes.
| age: around 700 years old | birthday:  February 10th | height: 5’8″ (post-Vampirism) |

Muirne | Witch 

Muirne is a happy and vibrant witch with a positive outlook and dirty humor. She was born in Ireland and at the age of 17 she made her way to Scotland where she met Evina, not too long after she settled in the woods of England where she eventually met Hel.

Muirne enjoys yoga and she’s very body positive. She has a familiar, Brighid, who takes the form of a cat.
| age: ?? | birthday: ?? | height: 5’7″ |

Phyrra | Half-Elf

Phyrra is a Half-Elf nun who has been reluctantly traveling with Hel since the Medieval ages.  She’s rather quiet and doesn’t meddle too much in anyone’s affairs, she’s strictly with Hel in hopes to do the Lord’s work.

Phyrra’s mother was an elf who left her with a church that took care of her kind. Phyrra enjoys cooking and baking.
| age: ?? | birthday: ?? | height: 5’8″ |

Evina Blacach | Witch

Evina Blacach ( a.k.a Evina Black) is a Scottish Witch, when conducting important duties in England she met Hel. The two shared a similar goal and quickly formed an alliance. Evina is now part of “The Ferry” and works as a special form of FBI agent who takes care of the supernatural and their dealings.

Even though Evina is a powerful spellcaster, she’s also an incredible martial artist and a gun enthusiast.
| age: ?? | birthday: ?? | height: 5’6″ |

Supporting Characters:


Kurtis Dean Munro | Half Giant

Kurtis is the ex-boyfriend of Annie, while the two look like they’re complete opposites, they actually have a lot in common.
Kurtis was born in France and moved to the U.S. around the age of 12, ever since a young boy he was always much larger than children around his age which was one of main reasons he was considered an outcast, his gothic aesthetic being the second reason.

Kurtis plays the double bass and loves history as well as languages, he is native in French and fluent in Korean and English. 
| age: 17 | birthday: June 6th | height: 6’6″ (who knows how much taller he’s gonna get) |

Adam Williams | Warlock

Adam has been part of The Ferry since his early 20s and trained under Evina. In his 30s he became Evina’s partner and the duo would take care of the strange happenings in the U.S. He currently lives in New Orleans with his pregnant wife, Delilah and his little sister, Hazel.

Adam has two sisters, Billie and Hazel. It’s uncommon,  but Adam’s family is primarily made up of magic users.
 | age: 39 | birthday: February 20th | height: 6’0″ |

Dermot Evans | False Magician

Dermot is a Southern Gentleman from the Wild West. While on a quest he met Muirne who aided him in completing it, the two eventually became romantically involved but nothing ever really serious blossomed from it. Dermot has remained an incredible and loyal ally and friend to the ladies.

Dermot used to be a Sheriff during his time in the Wild West, now he’s a False Magician and part of The Ferry.
| age: ?? | birthday: July 18th | height: 5’11” |

Hazel Williams | Witch

Hazel is the youngest of her siblings. she’s a happy and smiley teen with a bright future in the magic world. Hazel is mostly self-taught when it comes to magic, but she’s had assistance in her journey as a spellcaster from her siblings as well as her school.

Hazel aims to join the U.S. Coven of Witches and represent New Orleans.
| age: 17 | birthday: September 1st | height: 5’6″ |


Minor Characters:

Luuk de Wit, Hel’s second husband, currently estranged.
Genevieve Munro, Kurtis’ mother.
Liulfr, Hel’s first husband, deceased.
Charlotte Bishop, Vampire Princess of the Eastern U.S.
Caleb SinClair, the Vampire Baron of New York.
Thomas & Daisy Beaumont, parents of Annie Beaumont.
Father James, a Ferryman associated with Hel & Phyrra.

The Antagonist

Lord Abraham Payne | Warlock

There isn’t much to speak on Abraham, he is still a mysterious entity, and all we know is that Hel is after him…
After him for taking everything from her.