Name: Muirne
Birthname: Eriu

Age: ?? (about 100-150 years younger than Hel) – stopped aging in her early to mid 30s.

Story: Eriu was the eldest of three children and the daughter to two serfs who worked on the farmlands of Ireland. When Eriu was five, her father passed away, leaving her alone with her two young brothers and her mother, however, when Eriu was in her early teens, she was spotted by the Monarch who took great interest in her and without hesitation, took her from her family.

Eriu would proceed to live the next four years as a concubine. During these years, she had four sons; a set of twins and two individual births, three of them were taken from her at birth, leaving her with her youngest son, Ceallach.
To avoid losing her youngest and finally leave her life as a concubine behind, Eriu had planned to leave in the middle of the night through secret tunnels that led out of the castle, but that plan fell apart when rage had taken over and Eriu murdered the king.
She was found out by a guard and had to make a swift escape, making the difficult decision to leave Ceallach behind.

This is when Eriu would become Muirne, making her way to Scotland and leaving everything behind. During her journey she met Brighid, a brown cat with big green eyes, Brighid would eventually be revealed to be her familiar.
Upon finally arriving in Scotland, she met Evina, who noticed Muirne’s magical potential and took her under her wing.

Appearance: Muirne is an easy to spot woman, standing at 5’7″ with a very busty figure, long red hair that reaches her knees and bright blue eyes that resemble the skies. Muirne is covered with freckles from head to toe and can always be seen wearing earthy colors and revealing clothing. She also likes to wear a big witch hat because she thinks it’s cute.

Powers: Muirne is a Witch of Manipulation, whether it be time, space or the will of men. She can easily enchant others and is actually the only witch that has been able to make herself fly using a broom. Muirne can also crush her opponents by manipulating the space around them. Muirne’s familiar is a cat named Brighid, who enjoys being a little trickster and changing her coat from time to time.

Relationships: Muirne has never married, it could be because of her past or the fact that she doesn’t think men are worth her time. The only thing Muirne values more than anything is the love for her son, Ceallach who is probably long gone at this point. Muirne has been romantically involved with Evina way back, but Muirne left Evina one day without saying anything. It’s possible for Muirne to be interested in Dermot, a sheriff she met in the Wild West, but they never really talk about their love for each other and proceed as friends with benefits.
Friendships: Muirne’s bestfriend is Hel, who she found washed up in a river in England. Even though Hel was very annoying to deal with at first and incredibly off-putting, Muirne was fascinated and was absolutely determined to befriend this short angry woman.
Evina and Muirne eventually made peace after meeting each other again because of Hel. They’re friends, but there is still some bitterness from Evina.
Notable Mentions: Muirne actually really likes Phyrra, but is annoyed by her religious beliefs. The two may not see eye to eye, but they do make each other laugh and piss each other off.