Name: Evina Blacach
Alias: Evina Black

Age: ?? (has remained secretive about her age.) – stopped aging in her mid to late 20s.

Story: Evina comes from the Blacach clan, an old Scottish Gaelic clan filled with farmers. Evina is a single child to her parents, Alasdair and Caitrìona.

At a young age Evina had showed great promise towards magic and both of her parents knew of her potential and watched over her carefully, advising her to always be aware of her surroundings to avoid unwanted eyes.

As Evina grew older, her powers grew as well. Her father sent her off to a Scottish coven to learn more about her powers and herself. Evina would quickly grasp magic and excel in every subject, easily becoming a powerful and intimidating witch.

After years of promised potential and results to show for it, Evina would join the Coven of Great Britain, representing her country, Scotland. However, that position of power would be taken from her when someone she trusted stole a grimoire from the coven. Evina was told the only way to have her title reinstated would be to retrieve the grimoire and punish the thief. A task she never completed.

Even though Evina never had her title reinstated in the Coven of Great Britain, she is still highly respected.

Evina has since set herself free from the Coven and aligned more with The Ferry. Aiding both humans and the supernatural.

Appearance: Evina has been known to have a rather intimidating presence about her, not only because of her dark brown hair and piercing gold eyes, but Evina is also quite muscular. Evina is 5’6″ with a hourglass figure and muscular physique. Evina also sports a snake tattoo on her hip.

Powers: Evina is a Sorceress of Darkness, not necessarily dark magic, but more of shadows and intentions. Evina can listen in on thoughts, feel the presence of unseen creatures as well as track them using their shadows and also merge with the shadows herself. Evina can see through lies and learn of one’s true intentions. Evina has a snake familiar named Nox.

Relationships: Evina was smitten with a girl growing up, the two of them had a secret relationship that only Evina’s parents knew about. However, after joining the Scottish coven, Evina saw her lover less and less, and eventually, when she returned home one day, Evina’s lover had been sent away to marry an English lord. When Evina went to get back her lover, it was too late. Evina was also romantically involved with Muirne at one point, but Muirne disappeared and took off with a precious grimoire. Evina and Hel have had romantic dealings but nothing too serious, more or less just someone to scratch an itch.
Friendships: Evina is very close friends with both Muirne and Hel, despite the failed romances. Evina is also very close to the Williams family.
Notable Mentions: Evina met Belladonna through Hel and the two of them became partners, fixing The Ferry and changing the world for the supernatural creatures within it. Evina and Belladonna also occasionally get together for more intimate meetings.