Name: Annastasia Grace Beaumont
Nickname: Annie

Age: 17 – born October 13, 1989.

Story:  Annie was born on Friday the 13th to two very loving parents, Thomas and Daisy Beaumont in Orange, Texas.
Annie was a well-known girl in her town and beloved by many, some would even consider her “the girl next door”, she played guitar, sang and even wrote her own music, often performing it at church.

Annie didn’t excel in school, but she did well enough that she wasn’t too worried about not getting into college, even though that wasn’t her dream. As a girl who had never been out of Texas, Annie’s dream would be to travel around the country in a van with her guitar by her side and possibly a dog to keep her company and then slowly make her way around the world, and maybe eventually go to college.

Many would say that Annie was never troubled and never went looking for it either, until she met Kurtis, the “bad boy” and social outcast of her school. Annie sought to befriend him but got way more than that, the two would eventually form a strong bond for each other and proceed to enter a relationship… Their relationship would only last 8 months. A week after their break-up, something tragic happened to Annie where she would later come back as a vampire and enter the care of Hel and the ladies.

Appearance: Annie has vibrant auburn hair with red eyes and permanent red lips and skin that is now pale. Annie now stands very tall, at 5’9″ post vampirism.
Prior to Vampirism: Annie had skin that was slightly more “healthy” with pink tinted lips and brown eyes, her height was 5’5″. Her hair has remained the same color.

Powers: Vampires are known to be strong and fast and have senses beyond human capabilities. As of right now, the only powers that have been identified with Annie is speed, incredible healing and keen hearing.

Relationships: Annie’s first and only boyfriend so far, is Kurtis. A guy she deeply cared about that broke her heart.
Friendships: Annie’s first friend was Timothy Brown and Annie’s most loyal and best friend is Eva Romero, Timothy she met in second grade while Eva she met in 5th grade at church. Ever since having to stay away from home and pretend she’s still missing, she has made the ladies her friends.
Notable Mentions: Annie has recently befriend Hazel, the youngest family member of the Williams household and a witch in training. The two hit it off at the SinClair Manor in New York, even prompting Annie to contemplate going to the academy for The Ferry & The Supernatural.