Name: Phyrra

Age: ?? – born in the early 11th century, stopped aging in her 20s.

Story: Phyrra’s mother was an elf and her father a human, due to the customs of the elves, she was left at a church that cared for her kind.

Phyrra grew up as a Catholic nun and believed in doing what is right, no matter what. She looked out for her sisters as they looked out for her, especially since Phyrra’s half-elf race was often sought after for their magical abilities or hunted down and killed by opposing forces that believed anything non-human was a threat.

After years of being with her church, she would eventually make her to become a Reverend Mother and look after her very own house of nuns.

Eventually, her days of Reverend Mother would come to an end when she would meet a short raven haired woman who had whisked away six of her nuns. In order to protect them and ensure their safety, she struck a deal and offered an exchange, she would take their place.

Phyrra has since been traveling with Hel, the only time the two had separated is when the Black Plague had taken over England and Phyrra felt and obligation to help the people of her country.

Appearance: Phyrra is a tall half-elf, standing at 5’8″ with big brown eyes and dirty blonde shoulder length hair. Phyrra’s ears are slightly longer than the average human and pointed as well as a little feathered.

Powers: Elves and half-elves are believed to be holy creatures blessed by the Sun. Phyrra has “White” magic, she can bless, heal, temporarily blind and even erase memories. Phyrra will only use her powers when necessary. When performing any of her magic, she will speak a mix of Latin and English, believing her powers will work as long as God hears her words.

Relationships: Phyrra was and still considers herself a nun, her only relationship is to God.
Friendships: Phyrra’s closest friends were those of the Church she grew up with, now they’re long gone and Phyrra only has mainly the ladies to associate with. However, Phyrra is quite close to Father James, as he is also a man of God.
Notable Mentions: Phyrra is quite fond of Luuk de Wit, Hel’s estranged husband, they’ve become friends due to both being children of Elven mothers.