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Name: Hel.

Age: ?? (around a thousand years old- probably) – stopped aging at 19.

Even though Hel was called “death bringer” growing up– she is actually a witch of life.
She is very in tune with nature and some animals, more specifically bears and wolves as well as crows, however she doesn’t seem to get along with cats. Hel is a hoarder of plants and her home is filled with them, she also raises chickens and grows her own crops to avoid leaving her home and having to interact with other people, more specifically… “normal” people.

She detests humans because of her upbringing and experience in life but that doesn’t mean she won’t help those in need, even if she tries to ignore someone she eventually gives in.

She has married a total of three men in her life time.
She doesn’t have any children since she is infertile- which is ironic due to her being a witch of life but this is probably for the best given she’s not fond of children and never has been.

Appearance: Hel has a true natural resting bitch face and eyes that always seem to be half closed with disgust, she has permanent red markings on her cheeks which resemble thin scratches, no one knows, not even her, where they come from but she believes they’re simply strange birthmarks. Hel has bright green eyes and naturally red-like eye-bags and eyelids.
Hel is very short, standing at 5’2″ and rather curvy with a very elegant pear shape, her body is lightly covered with freckles.
She has very dark hair that beams purple and blue tones in the sun.

She will some times sport eyeliner and mascara, if she does she’ll rarely clean her face and wake up with messy make up.

Relationships: Hel’s first best friend is Muirne, they met in the country side of England on a foggy morning, Hel was unconscious near a lake and Muirne immediately took her in – they bumped heads a lot in the beginning of their friendship but Muirne wouldn’t give up on Hel and Hel really needed someone at the time.

Hel’s next best friend who is more like a mother to her would be Belladonna, a vampire she met between the 15th – 16th century. Hel was seeking work and shelter while trying to hunt someone down. Hel approached Belladonna and immediately she was taken in, since Belladonna had taken a particular interest in Hel, during this time Hel was taught how to think and fight as well as act like a lady. 

Belladonna, to put it simply was absolutely horrified by Hel’s lack of etiquette.

Notable mentions:  In the 11th century, while Hel was trying to harvest virgin blood she had come across Phyrra, a nun to a church where Hel had practically STOLEN six nuns. On the road back home Hel encountered Phyrra, Phyrra had demanded Hel return her Sisters back home and Hel refused. After a few moments of challenging stares Phyrra gave herself to Hel, requesting Hel release her Sisters and in return Phyrra would willingly be Hel’s very own walking and living virgin to harvest blood from. – While the two definitely did not get along at first they are far more agreeable with each other and Phyrra believes she is doing the right thing.

Extra information: It is no secret that Hel has a demon living inside her, while not a lot is currently revealed about the demon she refers to him as “Wolf” and will often call him “Dear Wolf” when she is in a heart broken state and he has named her “Black Sheep” because of her history of being an outcast and because of her strange black hair.