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Name: Hel.

Age: ?? (around a thousand years old- probably) – stopped aging at 19.

Hel grew up in the village of Svalbard near the edge of the seas of Norway. Before Hel was born, it was foretold she would bring tragedy to those around her upon her birth. When crops started to die and sickness plagued her people, she was called “deathbringer” – a horrible title to receive as a baby. Hel was a social outcast and received love from none besides her mother – who eventually started to cast her aside as well. At the age of 15, unbeknownst to her, she was sold as a slave to the “Giant of Svalbard” – a berserk Viking named Liulfr.

Liulfr would be the one to give Hel her name, due to her melancholic nature and her bad habit of hiding half of her face behind her hair.

Hel started to shine through with her gifts, proving to be very useful to her people. Some treated her as a shaman and went to her for guidance and healing, while also, often being requested to aid her fellow Vikings and Shield Maidens in battle.

During one of the raids, Hel went messing, and this is where everything started to go wrong. Hel trusted the wrong people and was betrayed. This is where her quest for vengeance starts.

Appearance: Hel stands at 5’2″ with a very curvy figure. She has long raven locks that pass her hips and eyes that glimmer green. Hel’s body is adorned with light freckles. She’s often seen with messy make up and a resting bitch face.

Powers: Hel is a Witch of Life but has been given the title of Necromancer, she is believed to be among the most powerful witches in the world. Hel’s powers are so strong she almost eradicated all of England with a single scream that pierced the skies. Hel’s powers deal with nature and animals, similar to that of a druid. She can commune with spirits, animals and plants. Hel even has an all-seeing eye that she uses to look through the eyes of ravens. Hel has a raven familiar named Freyja.

Relationships: Hel has married a total of two men during her life time, her first husband, Liulfr, the Viking Berserk who took her in and her second husband, Luuk de Wit, a man she met in France during the 1800s. Even though Hel has not seen Luuk in years, she has kept his last name.
Friendships: Hel’s best friend, Muirne, she met in the woods of England, shortly after the eradication of more than half of England’s population. The two took a liking to each other, being social outcasts, stood by each other ever since. Evina was an enemy at first, seeking the woman who had caused the deaths of many, but the two of them joined forces when they realized they had a common enemy. Belladonna is more like a mother to Hel than a friend, she taught Hel everything she knew and took the best care of her that she could. The two of them formed a very strong bond.

Notable mentions:  In the 11th century, Hel stole six nuns from a church, she was stopped by Phyrra, who was also a nun, the two of them formed a deal where Phyrra would be Hel’s walking and living virgin to harvest blood from, if she let her sisters go. The two of them are not necessarily friends, but they are open to each other and can rely on one another.

Extra information: Hel has a Spirit (or a Demon) of Death living inside of her. She calls him Wolf and he some times calls her Black Sheep because of her outcast life.