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02-41 published on No Comments on 02-41

Charlotte wants to suck your blood. Literally.
Actually, it’s her blood. I’m gonna have to get into this at some point, but maybe that’ll be perfect for an in-comic lore. We are meant to learn a few things THROUGH Annie, so… We’ll get that. ;] also, I’m sure you can obviously tell the only real effort I made on this page were the hands, but other than that this was a speedy page and I was just trying to get this doneeeee – I think we have 3 pages left of chapter 2??

so, just a reminder that I have a patreon and I’ve already scheduled the first page of chapter 3!! I can’t waittt I am soooo excited for this.
I also have the TWC voting incentive up! So, if you wanna help get SCORNED popular… that would be pretty freakin’ sweeeet

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