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02-42 published on No Comments on 02-42

This is it. This is the start of the end for this chapter. Three more pages to go and then hiatus time for me. If you keep up with my twitter, then you know I’ve actually gotten a head start on chapter 3 and making some great progress with it. I do still have to work on the “chapter 2.5” in fact I want to do a chapter 1.5 too, these are just like “in between chapters” just some background info on what happened, such as for the in between of chapter 2 and 3, there are actually 2 parts, one involves Caleb’s manor and the destruction of it, while the other one is a more personal one between Belladonna and Hel. All “in-between” chapters are meant to take up AT LEAST 2 pages being AT MOST 5 pages, because this is just some extra info and not necessary to the story at all. Like… the comic could live without this info but I thought it would be nice and let us inside the world of SCORNED just a little bit more.


ANYWAY, enough chatting for me.
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