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02-40 published on No Comments on 02-40

Don’t you love it when you just burst into a bunch of ravens? I know I do.
Also, just a reminder that I have lore of vampires, so if you’re curious about what’s gonna happen to Caleb, just navigate here and find out more on what happens to banished vampires. It’s all the way at the bottom under “Blood Oath” 😀

Also hi! It’s December 1st which means a new month has started! If you’re interested, now would be the perfect time to support SCORNED on patreon get the bundle from November! I’ve made A LOT of progress and have a lot to show. All pages of chapter 2 are completed and scheduled for upload. I officially have about 10 weeks of vacation from SCORNED and I’m gonna spend it trying to get chapter 3 done as nicely as I can and the way I want to. Also, I would absolutely LOVE to go back to doing 2 updates per week. But I rather wait until I have a FOR SURE secure amount of pages to even do that.

Also, besides SCORNED being on patreon, it is December 1st, like I said, which means it’s a brand new month and voting for SCORNED on TWC is crucial right now to make sure it stays in the 100 ranks so more eyes can see the comic! Vote for it and get a preview to the next page! 🙂

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