All about Vampires. (Mostly)

Vampires have a similar system to a “Monarchy.”

There is the Queen, the Princesses, the advisors of the Princesses, the Barons and Baronesses and their advisors.

The Queen, who is Belladonna Abbandonato, is the last stand, she is the one who hears about everything and deals with things when others cannot. Belladonna has the final say in laws, pardons and more.

The Princesses are vampires very much like Belladonna: women who have been wronged. The Princesses only hold the title of Princess because they came after Belladonna who is believed to be the first of their kind. Princesses serve as figureheads in their designated countries.
Charlotte, a character who we first see in chapter 2: page 18, is a Vampire Princess, her designated country is the United States and the region she controls is the East, she takes care of the states from Maine all the way down to Florida.
Princesses are also the ones to appoint their Barons and Baronesses for their region.
Bonus: Not all women who have been wronged have to become princesses, they can go about their day (preferably night) like a normal person and even keep a working job if they wish.
The advisors to the Princesses are chosen by the Princesses but must be approved by Belladonna. The advisors are also bodyguards.
Notes: if the country is rather large, and there are more than three princesses, some times they will split their regions up and work together.

Barons & Baronesses are vampires chosen by a Vampire Princess.
Caleb, a character we see in chapter 2: page 19, is a Baron to New York, similar to a Governor. He was chosen to serve as Baron by Charlotte.
Barons & Baronesses keep order in their state and hear out their people. They deal with problems first, if a problem is a high cost one, it will then be extended to their Princess.
The advisors to the Barons & Baronesses are chosen by the Barons and Baronesses with the approval of the Princesses, the advisors are also bodyguards.

Upon reading this, you might see that the vampires, seem to be a rather limited race, and this is true.
True vampires are only women and they’re believed to be chosen by a deity. In order to turn a regular human into a vampire, they must drink the blood of a true vampire.
People who wish to join the vampire world normally go through Barons and Baronesses.
There are also people who wish to serve vampires, and become their source of blood, in return they receive shelter, food and a decent life style where they never have to work, they just have to maintain loyal and stay healthy so their blood is always “tasty.”

There was a time where Belladonna accidentally turned a man into a vampire, after his turning, he abused his power and stole her blood and spread it about, causing a rise in vampire numbers. This was years ago and that man has since been terminated and the vampires have been controlled, those who went mad were also taken care of.
There are also times where advisors or even barons break the trust of their Majesty and spread the true blood to other humans, abusing their power.
Along with that, there have been women who couldn’t cope with what they became and infected others.

The Blood Oath:
When humans join the vampire society, they go under a blood oath, there are a set of rules they must follow, if those rules are broken they are banished, they will receive no help and if they try to be radical, they will be eliminated.
Vampires who have broken blood oaths normally join other vampires who also committed the same act and live together. Some times, as a result, these vampires may start gangs or rebellions, attacking humans and more.

This is where Ferrymen and Ferrywomen come in to take care of them.