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02-18 published on No Comments on 02-18

I know Hel’s neck/body alignment is totally off, I’ve been meaning to fix it because it’s so weird but I’ve been putting it off lol – but I did work really hard on this page and I really hope you guys like it ;-;

So I figured today would be a great day to tell you all that I’m actually going on yet ANOTHER HIATUS, yay, I’m so damn accomplished it’s incredible /s
I’m actually just going on a hiatus until I am completely done fixing my room/house/everything. I can’t focus on my art when I feel the pressure to fix what needs to be fixed and I can’t focus on fixing anything when I feel the pressure to work on my comic to make sure it’s posted in a timely manner. It absolutely sucks but I feel like this needs to be done so I can focus on the immediate necessities.
I will work on my comic when I can and post it on patreon as pages get done, but for the public I’m just gonna hold off until everything is in order at home.

I have a gofundme if you wanna donate to it and help me out.
I have a patreon if you wanna get perks.
And then I have a new vote bait listed for my TWC if you wanna see the preview to the next page that will be available when the Gods deem it so.

ALSO before I go, I have a ton of things available in my shop if you wanna get some cute stuff and support me that way.

The Viking and the Volva pin set (comes with another pin for $15!)
familiar chibi pins! ($5 each!)
My current wooden chibi pins of the SCORNED cast is half off for an indefinite amount of time!! Currently $3.50 each!! (except for Phyrra)


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