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02-43 published on No Comments on 02-43

OOP, there’s a nip

So uh, Hel’s missing like half of her face, and showing a little more than skin. Also, I am aware I probably royally messed up her skeletal structure. When I was first writing this comic YEARS ago (which is funny because it’s about to be 6 years*) I was actually tempted to buy a skeleton model just for these scenes. Speaking of skeletons and dying, not really dying, but horribly sick, I got sick like 3-4 days ago? Omg, worst sick I’ve been in YEARS. I was so bad I had to miss my last week of double shifts (and miss out on a bonus) because I wasn’t sure if it was covid or just a really bad case of the flu. Either way, had to let work know so they could excuse my absence and not have this week count against me. But I am looking forward to recovering and just… getting back to work and properly work on my comic too.


*so about the funny part, just something I thought would be nice to share, when I was originally writing this comic it was… different. Hel was Hel… but not Hel, anyway, this comic was going to be released on June 6th of 2016 so I could have the three 6’s because I thought that would be rad. Anyway, the comic is different but… I’m happy with this story. 🙂


oh and yes, *first* husband.

ALSO, the VERY last page of chapter 2 went up on Patreon! If you are interested in getting ahead of schedule AND seeing a butt ton of behind the scenes PLEASE think about becoming a patron, you can become a patron for as low as $1 per month and still get access to EVERYTHING.

BUT HEY, if you can’t become a patron, then no worries, because the next step in helping the comic would actually be to vote for it on TopWebcomics and share it around if you can! The votes help keep SCORNED in the high ranks with more of a chance of getting some fresh eyes on it! Also, you get a sneak peek to the next page 🙂

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