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02-44 published on No Comments on 02-44

If you’re having a hard time reading the text, I am sorry, I’m still a baby to working this out BUT for now, if you want, just right click on the image and select “OPEN IMAGE IN NEW TAB” and you can freely zoom in. 🙂
It’s the first spread I’ve ever done and I… I just really love it.  There’s a lot to this page and I hope you guys like some of this backstory on Hel. Speaking of which, Liulfr will get added to the minor characters. Anyone that has made an impact in the lives of the main cast but hasn’t/isn’t very much present in the comic, goes into the minor characters. I was thinking about making a “notable mentions” that’s specific to characters of the past who are no longer with the cast buuuut I figured I wouldn’t have enough characters for that. I really think Liulfr would be the only one. But I really love this page and I hope this was a treat to you guys 🙂

As for IRL stuff, on Christmas Eve I actually got a call from the hospital, I had taken a covid test on the 22nd and on the 24th they let me know that I did indeed have it, so I had to let work know, BUT WORST OF ALL, my dad ended up getting sick with covid as well, so, I had to take an extra week off from work because I can’t return until both my dad and I are recovered because our place is so small we can’t actually quarantine from each other. So, fortunately, my work was kind enough to let me return the 9th of January to work and fortunately they were willing to give me 2 paid weeks of leave.
While resting I am of course working on my comic because… I clearly have priorities that don’t involve taking care of myself.

ANYWAY, next week is the last page of chapter 2 and then we’re going on a hiatus and then chapter 3 is starting upppppp!!!! YASSSS.

IF you’d like to become a patron and help support the comic financially, please feel free to do so. The month is ending, so January 1st would be the prime time to join the little family AND I’ve gotten a lot done, so you’ll be seeing a lot of chapter 3 before it even starts.

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