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02-45 published on No Comments on 02-45

Annnnnd here we are! The very last page of chapter 2! It is SO GOOD to finally be here. I would often get lost with what I wanted to achieve in chapter 2, this would make me become slower, halt the page making and lead to hiatuses or skipped weeks, but, I started to get on track with what I wanted for this chapter and this story overall, and it all started to click together. I’m happy we have reached this point together and I can only hope I’ll see you all for the next chapter.

Thank you all for reading and sticking with this story, even through the very bumpy rides!!

If you’d like to support SCORNED and get access and spoiler-free chapter 3 content, please feel free to check out my patreon! It is a pay-what-you-want, you can customize your pledge to any amount, you just have to edit it!

Also, even though SCORNED will be going on a hiatus, I would greatly appreciate if you still vote for it on TWC. 

I will see you all February 16th for the new chapter. 🙂



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