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02-38 published on No Comments on 02-38

Dermot feeling real insecure right now next to giant vine that just popped out of the ground.

Anyway, this page was going to be differently, originally the vine was going to break through the ground *next* to them, but I couldn’t get the flow of movement right and I didn’t want to waste hours on a page trying to figure it out and be delayed with an update so I settled with the idea that the vine came through in front of them, so, for us, they’re behind the vine, it’s just that big that it covers both of them and obviously they’re like “oh shit” – didn’t quite capture Dermot’s facial expression all that well but that’s ok. This is another page that’s getting tossed into the “remake” folder for print.

I know I’ve been saying this but we’re getting reaaaal close to the end of this chapter. Like, 8 more pages to go I think?? If you wanna get ahead, please consider becoming a PATRON and get access to pages up to 2 weeks early! As well as speed paints, live painting sessions where I talk a whole lot of junk and also give tips on how I create my art and more!

Please, don’t forget to vote for SCORNED, the more votes, the higher chance of showing the comic to new faces! 🙂

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