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And here we are, the end of chapter 1. A somewhat wholesome end I think? Ehhh. Not really I mean… Annie seems to be in good hands but to be separated from her parents is heart breaking. They don’t know what’s going on and Annie is obviously… not being very truthful. I didn’t go into too much detail involving Annie’s assault/trauma this chapter but we’re gonna learn a bit more about Annie’s feelings about it probably next chapter. I say probably because I am 100% winging this. So… please keep this in mind when you read next chapter. I will also put a warning in the description when the chapter starts.

ANYWAY, I’m officially uploading this page from my tablet!! 😀 it took me awhile to transfer the important things over and I’m still struggling a bit with the display in getting a good lighting where my colors are vibrant af that I wanna rip my eyes out.
Here are some sneak peeks to chapter 2 that I’ve been working on:
coloring some fooooood in
some inks!
I’m also going to have some Hel’s Ferrywomen merch available soon, not anything grand, just a simple keychain for now to kind of just dip my toes in the water, see if anyone is interested!
It’ll be an acrylic charm portrait of Hel with possibly the option of a cat or a moon key ring. We’ll see 🙂
Anyway, now is time to go on a little hiatus so I don’t go crazy trying to complete a ton of projects at once.
Since this is a new tablet and I have to mess with the settings still I’m probably gonna start chapter 2 some time around the end of September/beginning of October. So… I’ll see y’all then 😉


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Angles, perspective, it’s all hard. Especially if you’re adding in backgrounds too. Didn’t help that this was the page that I inked and flatted while on my mini vacation 2 weeks ago… y’know, before my tablet got frick frack’d in the butt. Which btw, if you don’t know, my tablet got frick frack’d in the butt, but guess what??? My husbun surprised me with a new tablet ;-; he got me the mobile studio pro (the one I was going to buy once I saved up enough) and I’m so excited!! He’s gonna be dropping it off today and I am soooo excited to set it up!! I’ll definitely take pics and show you guys next update after it’s all ready!! :] – I suspect I’m gonna have to do a lot with it before officially using it, such as setting up CSP there, transferring files, etc.
Also I’m going to be re-opening my shop soon but with my own official site for it! So there’s no middle man 🙂 it’ll all be coming directly from me with custom packaging and thank you notes!! I’m hoping by October it’ll be completely set up, but we’ll see. I kind of recently forgot how to code and set up websites so I’m struggling a bit right now XD
I do have some HF merch coming in 😉 stay tuned.

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Early update because I’m going away for a few days so I wanted to update early!!
Guess what guys?? Hel’s Ferrywomen made it into the Drunk Duck Awards finalists in four areas!!

Seriously thank you to everyone who voted!! I’m REALLY surprised that Hel made it into the Best Protagonist category, like WHAAATTTT!!!  but I’m happy about that?? That’s so awesome!
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UGH I love this lighting and shading! This was probably one of my most favorite pages of this chapter. Also Belladonna just looks SO gorgeous here. Also yeah, Annie, I don’t know how exactly going back home will look with you being a vampire and all. :’|

I officially started work again and my tablet seems to be getting worse, which is weird because for 3 days straight I left it alone, it was off, neatly put away but it’s still being a massive butthole 😀 soooo getting a new tablet can’t come soon enough DDD: I’m trying to pick up extra gigs here and there to get a little extra so I get one step closer to getting that new tablet, but I’m grateful to have a job again! The only thing absolutely suffering right now besides my tablet are my feet ;-; but I’m getting new sneakers the day before my next shift starts, so I hope it works out! 🙂 if anyone you know is looking for an artist for coloring, flatting, illustration or just want a commission of something, please send them my way ;-; or let me know about gigs you come across <3 !!
Psssttt, the lore page has updated, we now have our monster section with 3 creatures in there along with 2 more extra creatures in the beast section!

AND HEYYY the Drunk Duck is doing a Horror Anthology which I am helping run with two other lovely ladies and if you want to participate you totally can! All you have to do is be a Duck member and follow the directions provided in this forum post: and look for August 1st’s update! You have until the 31st!

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I love Annie’s pause to half-elf, like THE OTHERS are believable but HALF-ELF? NAH. Hahaha :’D

So I got re-hired at my old job! Yay! And I also got an extra gig as a back up flatter for the lovely Crona J. !! I’m excited.
I think I already said that my current tablet is kind of going to poop so I’m trying to make as much money as I can to save up for a new one but also a mobile one so I can basically go wherever I need to and still work on my comic and my flatting gigs! :]
Also I have decided to put a pause on my patreon. This month I’ll still muster whatever work I have to put in the bundle but I think for September-December I’m gonna take a break for myself ^-^
ALSO HEYYY the Drunk Duck is throwing a Horror Anthology which I am helping run with two other lovely ladies and if you want to participate you totally can! All you have to do is be a Duck member and follow the directions provided in this forum post: and look for August 1st’s update! You have until the 31st!

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Evina is rather… straight forward. B)
But at least they both know Annie is alive… even if they can’t see her.

So I haven’t received any news on my drug-test or any re-hire information but it is only Tuesday so I have hope! Or at least I gotta because I would really love this job since I’m planning on getting a brand new wacom tablet that’s also a computer 😀 (p.s I have commissions open, feel free to contact me through my email for more info >.>)
Would be really helpful and useful for if I travel and other things.
Also sad reminder that we’re going back to one page per week D: EUGH.

Anyway, that’s all, vote for Hel’s Ferrywomen to get to see next week’s page!


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UH OH, SHE’S HERE. IT’S EVINA. I’ve been wanting to show her off ever since I drew her. So uh, meet Annie’s parents! I have created an extra section in the character page for minor characters, they’re just characters who have appeared at some point and show some significance to the characters but not necessarily to the story.

So on the plus side today, I basically did get re-hired, yay! But I just need to do my drug test and get extra confirmations, after everything is done I’ll be starting August 13th!  I’m excited to start making money again, unfortunately trying to get myself out there as a freelance illustrator as well as comic flatter and colorist is harder than I thought, but I’ve made some decent money off of it and I still love coloring, so hopefully I get more clients in the future.

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“You’re not dead. Not exactly.” Oh well… that’s reassuring???

Hey everyone! Happy Tuesday!!
This page  was originally meant to have more to it instead of just Hel’s short butt as the main panel but I didn’t want to ruin the flow I had in mind for Thursday’s page, just because I’m winging this doesn’t mean I don’t mentally draw out my pages :’D lol so yeah we have this somewhat ew-ie page but I think the next few pages look reaaaally good, so hopefully that makes up for it.

Also I announced on my patreon update today that starting August I might resort to one page per week because recently making comic pages has been hard or just taking too long, I’m putting in way more detail, I’m trying my best to make beautiful shading and atmosphere for my pages and I will be participating in an anthology as well as bringing Scarred Eden back in August so I’ll basically be posting 2 pages per week anyway lol – ALSO for those who didn’t know, I am unemployed but recently I saw a warehouse that I used to work at start accepting applications again so I applied today and I’ll get a response in a few hours supposedly, no promise, but giving a heads up because 3-4 days of my week will definitely be taken away from me if I go back to working there. So… I’ll have 3 days to spend time with my husbun, work on art and other chores that involve my life.

Anyway, next page we’ll be meeting 3 new characters! 2 minor casts and 1 supporting cast! WHOOP excitement haha 😀
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Poor Annie D: she’s having a lot of feelings right now. Her story was a difficult one to write because it contains topics that I am honestly very uncomfortable writing about, but this was the story that spoke to me about her and I want to tell it. Thank you all for being able to stomach it to see the future of this story. There will be… more sensitive scenes and details in the future, so I understand if it becomes too much.
I don’t have much to say, I’m working on getting more traditional art done with some videos to go with it, hopefully by Tuesday I’ll have that ready. 🙂
Just a reminder that Scarred Eden returns with its re-drawn pages August 16th on the usual platforms, the Drunk Duck and ComicFury. I’ll be creating a brand new “Scarred Eden” on there just to keep the old pages/art up so people can see the progress if they want to because I know a lot of people like that. ALSO y’know, if you’re impatient and you wanna get the idea of the story so far, it’ll be there.

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TRIGGER WARNING. This page contains assault and may be triggering to some viewers, please proceed with caution.

Also if you’re confused on how the text bubbles go, think of it as a clock, it’s clock-wise.

HEY! I got some exciting news, I’m currently running a Drunk Duck Anthology with Mallory aka Bluecuts34 (click here to check her out)  and I was on a drunk duck podcast discussing the topic!
I am really looking forward to going into more detail about this as time comes, we’ll definitely have more information after the first of August. 🙂
If you wanna listen to the podcast here ya go: – I’m unsure when it will be live but it will be QuackCast #488! So just keep an eye out! 🙂 OH and during that podcast I actually found out my comic, Hel’s Ferrywomen got a featured song in it. If you listen to the podcast you will also hear the song! 🙂
Now onto another set of news uh… Scarred Eden is returning… but uhm remember how I said I was just gonna do chapter 6 then uh- move on to fixing the script from the early chapters? I lied. I’M SORRY. I’m just gonna return in August with the remake starting up. It’ll be easier and I won’t waste any effort and time on chapter 6 since I decided, last night that I really hated the chapter and it was horrible AF. But the important thing is that it will return. I have been debating if I want to actually see if I can set up a site for it. I’m going to contact my current hosting and see how much I would need to spill out of my pocket to get another domain and extra hosting for it. Normally there’s an upgrade but it’s also normally cheaper in the long run I think? I’m also currently in the mood of… do I wanna do that? Because if I do do it then what if I just stop again? That’s my concern. WE’LL see. Right now my main plan to get working on Hel’s Ferrywomen and Scarred Eden pages for you guys. 🙂

Onto some side stuff: I recently created a lovely piece of traditional art featuring Hel, you can see it on the front page, and I also did a speed-paint to it with a voice over discussing my tips/tricks/thought process. Here’s the link to that:

Alright that’s it! If you wanna vote for Hel’s Ferrywomen on TWC to get a glimpse into Thursday’s page then please vote here!

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