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01-08 published on No Comments on 01-08

TRIGGER WARNING. This page contains assault and may be triggering to some viewers, please proceed with caution.

Also if you’re confused on how the text bubbles go, think of it as a clock, it’s clock-wise.

HEY! I got some exciting news, I’m currently running a Drunk Duck Anthology with Mallory aka Bluecuts34 (click here to check her out)  and I was on a drunk duck podcast discussing the topic!
I am really looking forward to going into more detail about this as time comes, we’ll definitely have more information after the first of August. 🙂
If you wanna listen to the podcast here ya go: – I’m unsure when it will be live but it will be QuackCast #488! So just keep an eye out! 🙂 OH and during that podcast I actually found out my comic, Hel’s Ferrywomen got a featured song in it. If you listen to the podcast you will also hear the song! 🙂
Now onto another set of news uh… Scarred Eden is returning… but uhm remember how I said I was just gonna do chapter 6 then uh- move on to fixing the script from the early chapters? I lied. I’M SORRY. I’m just gonna return in August with the remake starting up. It’ll be easier and I won’t waste any effort and time on chapter 6 since I decided, last night that I really hated the chapter and it was horrible AF. But the important thing is that it will return. I have been debating if I want to actually see if I can set up a site for it. I’m going to contact my current hosting and see how much I would need to spill out of my pocket to get another domain and extra hosting for it. Normally there’s an upgrade but it’s also normally cheaper in the long run I think? I’m also currently in the mood of… do I wanna do that? Because if I do do it then what if I just stop again? That’s my concern. WE’LL see. Right now my main plan to get working on Hel’s Ferrywomen and Scarred Eden pages for you guys. 🙂

Onto some side stuff: I recently created a lovely piece of traditional art featuring Hel, you can see it on the front page, and I also did a speed-paint to it with a voice over discussing my tips/tricks/thought process. Here’s the link to that:

Alright that’s it! If you wanna vote for Hel’s Ferrywomen on TWC to get a glimpse into Thursday’s page then please vote here!

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