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01-09 published on No Comments on 01-09

Poor Annie D: she’s having a lot of feelings right now. Her story was a difficult one to write because it contains topics that I am honestly very uncomfortable writing about, but this was the story that spoke to me about her and I want to tell it. Thank you all for being able to stomach it to see the future of this story. There will be… more sensitive scenes and details in the future, so I understand if it becomes too much.
I don’t have much to say, I’m working on getting more traditional art done with some videos to go with it, hopefully by Tuesday I’ll have that ready. 🙂
Just a reminder that Scarred Eden returns with its re-drawn pages August 16th on the usual platforms, the Drunk Duck and ComicFury. I’ll be creating a brand new “Scarred Eden” on there just to keep the old pages/art up so people can see the progress if they want to because I know a lot of people like that. ALSO y’know, if you’re impatient and you wanna get the idea of the story so far, it’ll be there.

Alright that’s it! If you wanna vote for Hel’s Ferrywomen on TWC to get a glimpse into Tuesday’s page then please vote here!

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