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01-17 published on No Comments on 01-17

And here we are, the end of chapter 1. A somewhat wholesome end I think? Ehhh. Not really I mean… Annie seems to be in good hands but to be separated from her parents is heart breaking. They don’t know what’s going on and Annie is obviously… not being very truthful. I didn’t go into too much detail involving Annie’s assault/trauma this chapter but we’re gonna learn a bit more about Annie’s feelings about it probably next chapter. I say probably because I am 100% winging this. So… please keep this in mind when you read next chapter. I will also put a warning in the description when the chapter starts.

ANYWAY, I’m officially uploading this page from my tablet!! 😀 it took me awhile to transfer the important things over and I’m still struggling a bit with the display in getting a good lighting where my colors are vibrant af that I wanna rip my eyes out.
Here are some sneak peeks to chapter 2 that I’ve been working on:
coloring some fooooood in
some inks!
I’m also going to have some Hel’s Ferrywomen merch available soon, not anything grand, just a simple keychain for now to kind of just dip my toes in the water, see if anyone is interested!
It’ll be an acrylic charm portrait of Hel with possibly the option of a cat or a moon key ring. We’ll see 🙂
Anyway, now is time to go on a little hiatus so I don’t go crazy trying to complete a ton of projects at once.
Since this is a new tablet and I have to mess with the settings still I’m probably gonna start chapter 2 some time around the end of September/beginning of October. So… I’ll see y’all then 😉

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