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01-13 published on No Comments on 01-13

I love Annie’s pause to half-elf, like THE OTHERS are believable but HALF-ELF? NAH. Hahaha :’D

So I got re-hired at my old job! Yay! And I also got an extra gig as a back up flatter for the lovely Crona J. !! I’m excited.
I think I already said that my current tablet is kind of going to poop so I’m trying to make as much money as I can to save up for a new one but also a mobile one so I can basically go wherever I need to and still work on my comic and my flatting gigs! :]
Also I have decided to put a pause on my patreon. This month I’ll still muster whatever work I have to put in the bundle but I think for September-December I’m gonna take a break for myself ^-^
ALSO HEYYY the Drunk Duck is throwing a Horror Anthology which I am helping run with two other lovely ladies and if you want to participate you totally can! All you have to do is be a Duck member and follow the directions provided in this forum post: and look for August 1st’s update! You have until the 31st!

I think that’s all? If you wanna see a glimpse into next week’s page please vote here for Hel’s Ferrywomen! 

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