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01-14 published on No Comments on 01-14

UGH I love this lighting and shading! This was probably one of my most favorite pages of this chapter. Also Belladonna just looks SO gorgeous here. Also yeah, Annie, I don’t know how exactly going back home will look with you being a vampire and all. :’|

I officially started work again and my tablet seems to be getting worse, which is weird because for 3 days straight I left it alone, it was off, neatly put away but it’s still being a massive butthole 😀 soooo getting a new tablet can’t come soon enough DDD: I’m trying to pick up extra gigs here and there to get a little extra so I get one step closer to getting that new tablet, but I’m grateful to have a job again! The only thing absolutely suffering right now besides my tablet are my feet ;-; but I’m getting new sneakers the day before my next shift starts, so I hope it works out! 🙂 if anyone you know is looking for an artist for coloring, flatting, illustration or just want a commission of something, please send them my way ;-; or let me know about gigs you come across <3 !!
Psssttt, the lore page has updated, we now have our monster section with 3 creatures in there along with 2 more extra creatures in the beast section!

AND HEYYY the Drunk Duck is doing a Horror Anthology which I am helping run with two other lovely ladies and if you want to participate you totally can! All you have to do is be a Duck member and follow the directions provided in this forum post: and look for August 1st’s update! You have until the 31st!

I think that’s all? If you wanna see a glimpse into next week’s page please vote here for Hel’s Ferrywomen! 

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