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01-10 published on No Comments on 01-10

“You’re not dead. Not exactly.” Oh well… that’s reassuring???

Hey everyone! Happy Tuesday!!
This page  was originally meant to have more to it instead of just Hel’s short butt as the main panel but I didn’t want to ruin the flow I had in mind for Thursday’s page, just because I’m winging this doesn’t mean I don’t mentally draw out my pages :’D lol so yeah we have this somewhat ew-ie page but I think the next few pages look reaaaally good, so hopefully that makes up for it.

Also I announced on my patreon update today that starting August I might resort to one page per week because recently making comic pages has been hard or just taking too long, I’m putting in way more detail, I’m trying my best to make beautiful shading and atmosphere for my pages and I will be participating in an anthology as well as bringing Scarred Eden back in August so I’ll basically be posting 2 pages per week anyway lol – ALSO for those who didn’t know, I am unemployed but recently I saw a warehouse that I used to work at start accepting applications again so I applied today and I’ll get a response in a few hours supposedly, no promise, but giving a heads up because 3-4 days of my week will definitely be taken away from me if I go back to working there. So… I’ll have 3 days to spend time with my husbun, work on art and other chores that involve my life.

Anyway, next page we’ll be meeting 3 new characters! 2 minor casts and 1 supporting cast! WHOOP excitement haha 😀
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