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For the first half of this page I was trying a new line art, didn’t like it, the bottom half I went back to my old line art so there is most definitely a quality difference between the two as you can see, but since I was in a rush and just wanted to get this page done and SCORNED has been a huge project of try and do whatever the eff you want, I let it stay. You might see the line art switch a bit in future pages because I’m trying stuff out, also, I am trying to polish up the coloring starting next page, to make the characters actually look like they’re inside of a manor. Just make the vibes all happen, y’know?
By the way, I’ve been doing HUGE lore updates but they’re not all present because one specific lore page (the Beasts section) is messed up and I can’t find a way to fix it unless I just ERASE IT ALL and I’m too lazy.

But we have some lore pages:
More on werewolves!
More on mermaids!
I added more on vampires but I told you all about that last week šŸ˜‰
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Edit: HI this is Snowy from the future, after posting this page i remembered I only gave some extra details of lore to my patrons but not here, and yes, Hel being shocked about the fact that Evina is wearing blue does have a reason

“Just to sate curiosity because it won’t be mentioned in the comic at all, as there is really no reason to mention it, (BESIDES NOW, I realize, but I have nothing planned for this chapter/story to bring it up) the reason Hel points out that Evina is wearing blue is because she shouldn’t be wearing blue.
These kinds of parties(ones that are hosted by the supernatural FOR THE supernatural) are actually color coded so everyone knows who is who and what they are.

Vampires = shades of red
Witches = shades of burgundy
Warlocks = shades of purple
Werewolves = shades of grey (if you look at the page when they first enter the party there is actually a guy in the background wearing a grey suit)
Elves = don’t really have a color because they are believed to be extinct but it was established they would wear white because they’re believed to be the most holy of all races
Half elves = shades of blue (which is what Evina is wearing, a blue dress)
Ferrymen & Ferrywomen = black.
Giants = Hardly ever socialize with our kind of society so they’re never seen at parties and they’re also never invited lol
Half-Giants = black because chances are they’re actually part of the Ferry people crew if they’re at
this sort of party.
Elf-giants = have a choice between blue and black because they’re half giant and half elves (these ones are extremely rare to be seen at parties because they tend to stay with their fellow giants at giant camps)

Evina actually has the choice between black and burgundy to wear but she’s never been one to follow rules so she said “Screw you, I’m wearing this tight blue dress”
And despite your supernatural existence, if you are part of the Ferry crew, you do have a choice between your supernatural color code or black.
Actually Hel AND Muirne have the option to wear black too as they are also part of the Ferry crew, however Belladonna had their dresses custom made (except Hel’s because as we saw, she actually didn’t approve of what Hel was wearing) but we’ll get to see what Hel’s dress was meant to be in the future.

And in case it wasn’t obvious, Hel has always worn her hair back or up at parties *for* Belladonna because it was just kind of a thing, it makes you look more professional if you’re not sulking in your hair.
This time however, as obviously stated and shown, she is not.
Which is why Evina jokes about wondering if Belladonna knows.

Yay some lore and background deets”
Also, my bf said that I revealed a spoiler about Evina, and I 100% thought everyone knew she was a witch, it is in her character page lol and then he also asked “Belladonna cares so much about Hel’s hair being down, but her hair is down and so is everyone else’s, whats up with that?” VALID TO QUESTION THAT, so Belladonna views Hel as her own daughter, normally when your daughter has to present HERSELF you want her to look decent, Muirne, Annie, Phyrra, they are not Belladonna’s concern, not like that anyway, she believes they can do whatever they want, BUT as you see, Belladonna did have dresses specifically made for Muirne AND Hel for this occasion, so she does have a little bit of control but not really a lot, Muirne obviously likes the dress because her massive milkers are in FULL VIEW, Hel actually did not end up wearing the dress Belladonna had done for her, and this is evident as we saw Belladonna disapprove of Hel’s outfit :’DĀ Ā 
So anyway, Belladonna is just trying to really show Hel off, she thinks Hel is a very pretty girl but she’s so introverted and has such a negative aura about her that it’s very hard for her to be approachable, and it’s even worse when Hel is covering half of her face, because then she 100% looks like she doesn’t wanna chat or anything.
As for the other girls, yeah, their hair is down but 1: it’s not covering their face and 2: as stated before, Belladonna feels responsible for Hel.

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