All About Mermaids (Mostly)

Medusa’s cry echoed through the waves, her tears pierced the ocean and so the mermaids were made.” – this saying is translated from Latin, it was carved into a cave deep inside the ocean.

Mermaids are vicious creatures who attack primarily men. They’re mysterious and dangerous. Not a lot is documented on them because they are never successfully captured. Everything documented is through observations from afar.
Mermaids stick together, if they separate, they separate into groups and bring a Siren with them.
The Siren is the only one who can enchant large sea creatures, they typically do this to bring down large ships, sirens can also enchant men.

Mermaids and Sirens both have lower serpentine-like bodies and move similar to eels, their upper half is more human and they have gills along their ribs. Their bodies are decorated with shiny stones, this could be a style choice among them or a tactic to lure sailors in search of treasure.
Very rarely are there survivors from mermaid attacks.

The theories of mermaids and siren creations:
Based off of the saying quoted at the start, it’s believed that mermaids and sirens were created from the tears of scorned women. Whether it started off with a tale similar to Medusa’s is uncertain.

The only evidence that supports this theory is that the mermaids and sirens won’t attack women unless threatened and the carved message found in the ocean.
Some have theorized that they might be water aliens that were dumped on Earth.
Some think they were created by powerful sorceresses around 1000 BC.

These mermaids can range from shades of green, blue and purple.
Sirens seem to wear a crown made of colorful stones.