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02-22 published on No Comments on 02-22

I really loved this page! It was like everything was coming together and I was just so excited!! I hope you like the ring, I tried to make it look like blood is swirling inside, but, I’m not a pro at that yet. If you’re curious what Charlotte is talking about, with the whole “vampire princess” please check out the vampire lore here!!

ALSO HEY HI HELLO! The cast page has been updated!! I included their ages, height, birthdays and likes and dislikes (if they have them) and of course, I have actually added in, THEIR FULL NAMES. Did you know Annie’s name isn’t Annie? Nope, it’s not. And if that’s a spoiler I’m sorry, it shouldn’t be though, there is no really deep plot revolving around it.

I’ve also added some minor characters, and don’t worry, we’ll fill out that supporting character part soon, I’m sure of it!!

If you want to get early access to my webcomic, SCORNED is ahead by 2 weeks and there’re also bundles and I’m looking into starting some videos on my process soon. So uhhhh join me as my patron for as low as $2 per month OR LOWER if you want, and watch the magic happen!!
ALSO, if you’re into voting, please vote for SCORNED on TOPWEBCOMICS!!

Side note, if you were part of the discord and noticed it’s gone, yeah, I don’t know what happened there,  I tried seeing if I could get it back but apparently it is “lost” so… I might make another one, maybe by next week? So, the SCORNED DISCORD button will remain on the side and hopefully by next Thursday it will be updated with a link to a new discord!

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