All about Werewolves/Lycans and Werebears (Mostly)

Basics about Werewolves

Werewolves or Lycans are a chaotic society, that doesn’t mean they wreak havoc wherever they go, but they aren’t necessarily a “society” that has rules or conditions to live by.
Werewolves are a family gene that return to the Mother Wolf, a giant wolf that is said to still live; she is described as being around 15-20 feet tall (not standing on hind legs) with snow white fur and piercing blue eyes. There are tales of the Mother Wolf turning into a human woman to lure the strongest of warriors into her den, the tales vary on her depiction as a human, some say this is because she shifts her shape to be most desirable woman to whatever warrior she lures.

After the Mother Wolf is done with the warrior, he can choose to stay or return, but the Mother Wolf shifts back into her true form and most of the time this causes the warrior to flee in horror (and self-disgust.)
About 80-90 days later the Mother Wolf will give birth to a litter of pups, these pups, as they grow, will normally shift into a human form, causing them to be lycan and not really a werewolf.

Lycans are the direct children of the Mother Wolf and are considered to be “full blooded werewolves”. They can shift between wolf and human at will and with ease and even have a hybrid form of the two. Lycans have complete self control over this. If Lycans pursue to mate with humans instead of wolves (yes, lycans will mate with wolves in their wolf form) they will make a child that can only shift into a hybrid form but never become a wolf, this is where the term “werewolf” is more commonly used.

Werewolves have a harder time controlling their turnings but it’s still possible. If a werewolf proceeds to mate with a human instead of a lycan, there is a possibility of their offspring also having the ability to turn into a werewolf. The chances of becoming a werewolf decrease as the werewolf gene is drowned out by the human gene, because of this, werewolves tend to mate with others of their kind.

Their way of life is simple, werewolves and lycans are very family oriented creatures, family comes first always. A lot of werewolves praise the Mother Wolf and say prayers in hopes that she’ll hear them.
Werewolves tend to hang out with other werewolves and form a pack. Also, yes, werewolves could be distantly related, everyone who is a werewolf comes from the same place.
Bonus: Female werewolves have a higher chance of having twins and triplets 😀

The Full Moon doesn’t force humans to turn into their werewolf form, instead it is the Mother Wolf’s howl that calls to them, asking them to come home that inspires their beast-like form to come out. Those who have little control over it can’t really help it.

Basic about Werebears

No one knows much about werebears, there are no reports on a “Mother Bear” – the only reports on turnings of werebears are of men and women who descend from the Mother Wolf but have no indication of a possible werewolf ability.
Evina introduced the theory that it is a demon pushing through the veil and tainting the souls of those who still have the blood of the beast in them, turning them into a more monstrous and angry form of the werewolf.

Werebears also have no self awareness in their form and no control. Their turnings only happen at night and they return to normal by morning with no recollection of the previous day.

Notes: They are called werebears because their physique is stronger and bigger and their claws are more bearlike as well as their face, but if it is intentionally done to look like a bear is unknown.