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02-15 published on No Comments on 02-15

Hel is an absolute bombshell in this page, a nice burgundy-magenta-ish mini-dress, her wavy raven locks cover half of her face and she’s got a nice sultry look going on. (

Am I a simp? yes. And now, so are you.

P.S. I know Belladonna’s speech bubbles might look weird, I meant to fix it but I kind of just lost track of time so here we are, just another thing to add to the pile of list of edits for printing :p

Speaking of simping and printing, I’ve got some cute charms on the wayyyyy!! I hope you’ll like them ;-;

But to be honest, I’ve got quite a few, but one set is not related to SCORNED while another one is! When I’ve got them in hand I will most definitely take a pic and show you guys!!

ALSO, April 19th is SCORNED’s first birthday!!! Which means everything that’s strictly related to SCORNED will be HALF OFF!!! That’s right! So if you wanted a chibi Annie pin which is normally $7 will now be $3.50!!

Side stuff, I’ve been super slow with Scorned, I’m faced with a whole bunch of new people I’ll have to draw and crowd scenes and staircases as well as fancy mansion/manor decor… so I’m just…. lazily going about it…
ANYWAY, I hope you enjoy this page, sorry for the super slow updates! Enjoy your weekend

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