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02-16 published on No Comments on 02-16

Well, if this isn’t quite the group, I really don’t know what is 😀 also can we PLEASE appreciate Hel’s legs here? I absolutely love the lighting on them, also, she’s very short so naturally her legs are on the smaller side, but this girl deserves some good fucking legs that make her look 6ft tall, ok?
Also yes, Hel. Belladonna is now your mom.

Anyway, I had quite the day today, I left my faucet running apparently (literally don’t even remember using it) and I had a small flood in my bathroom that then leaked a little into my room… So I spent most of the day trying to dry it, of all the things that I do have, A MOP IS NOT ONE OF THEM APPARENTLY. So I just wasted all of my towels trying to dry everything and had to get rid of a bunch of stuff, but that’s okay I guess, it really inspired me to do some spring cleaning!

ON A HAPPIER NOTE, Scorned’s birthday was the 19th, so for the week everything on my shop that’s strictly related to SCORNED will be HALF OFF!! AAAAAAAAAAAAND I’m also doing a little Q&A with the cast and creator kind of thing, I know it’s a little last minute but here is what’s been done so far:

I actually have another 4 questions to get through but I’m currently working on a commission too, but hey, I’m taking questions until the 23rd! So, if you have anything you’d like to ask the cast or me, feel free to comment below with your question!!
Thank you so much for a wonderful and supportive one year of SCORNED!!
Vote on the TWC link in the sidebar to get a preview at next week’s page 🙂

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