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Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays! published on No Comments on Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays everyone! ‘Tis meant to be the happiest season of the year!! There is no comic today and as a matter of fact… THERE WILL NEVER BE ANOTHER COMIC MWAHHAHAHA jk, I’m just taking December off! This was a last minute decision but I figured it was the best decision for me right now.

My birthday is next week and then it’s Christmas and honestly I want to take my birthday week to basically do nothing but whatever I want. And then the rest of the month I want to be able to work on Scorned and not feel rushed, I was actually falling a bit behind with Patreon and I was working from page to page since I no longer have a buffer, hopefully this month I can actually build a small buffer and have a smooth ride in January. Also I’m gonna have to spend some time finding a new job since my last one didn’t work out as well as I hoped and I still haven’t gotten paid for my medical leave/quarantine. So boo.

but it’s okay, this is gonna be a rough month but I am hopeful. Anyway… if anyone is interested I have a holiday sale going on with my commissions right now for thigh + only! Instead of it being $130 it is now $100 and if you want an extra character it is only an extra $30! 🙂

Alright! Happy Holidays! I’ll see you January 14th!!

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