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Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year!! published on No Comments on Happy New Year!!

AHH! Happy New Year everyone!! 2020 is coming to an end and I really hope 2021 is not a part 2 to 2020’s horror story. Right now, all we can do is be careful and take of ourselves and each other and make the best out of it, I suppose.

I really want to thank everyone who has supported me throughout this year.  A lot of you really helped me improve my art and kept me going, I also really appreciate the amount of support that Scorned has received. I can’t even believe it has received so much love. This is honestly something I dreamed of when I was like 15 and just starting to get into webcomics. So, seriously, thank you all so much.
Also I really want to send my love out there to those who suffered a lot this year. This year was… scary. It was definitely rocky and it’s not easy for everyone to find the support system they need, and I’m sorry to those who couldn’t make it to see the end of this year because of obvious reasons. 🙁 my love is with you all and your family.
I hope 2021 will be a better year but I’m not expecting much. I wish for everyone to be safe and cared for next year. I really do hope that next year will be your year.

Anyway, I just wanted to let you all know that I’ll be extending my hiatus to February, if you follow me on twitter or if you’re part of my discord, then you know I was working on commissions as well as working on my own personal pieces to sell, so I’ve been set back quite a bit. Hopefully January I can get to where I want and start posting shortly in February. Thank you all for your support! <3

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