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03-22 published on No Comments on 03-22

When Evina whips out the tiddies it’s safe to assume it’s for Hel.
I like Adam’s thoughts and I promise you these will definitely get answered next chapter. Next week is the last page for chapter 3 and then we’ll be going onto a hiatus and I think we’re coming back in October? SOMEWHERE AROUND THERE. I forgot already lmao – which btw, regarding Adam’s dialogue, so the conversation he’s stating, happened between Evina and Timothy and Adam listened in on the recorder, originally this whole exchange was going to be in the comic but because Adam was going to go over it with Evina, I thought it would be okay to cut it out and reduce the page count. HOWEVER, I’m kind of second-guessing my decision on that and thinking I might actually add those pages in for the print version.

Also I updated the character sheet last week?? I think?? But Kurtis’ mom is up there and I changed Adam’s pic. Next chapter all of the portraits (except Belladonna’s and MAYBE Hel’s) will be getting updated.

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