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03-21 published on No Comments on 03-21

Ah yes, the days where Evina would beat the crap out of you to get info. Among other things. Honestly, she’d probably still beat the crap out of people. Let’s be honest. Oh yeah, I know I’ve said this before, BUT, SCORNED’s chapter 3 is completed on patreon and we still got 2 pages left before the chapter completes here. I’ve also posted bundles with all wips for chapter 4! From sketches to final renders! I feel like I always post about my patreon, but I think it’s just a good idea to really get my work out there and if you really like the story so far, then for as low as $1 per month you get access to everything I post :]
I’ll actually probably be making a poll shortly, asking my patrons about potential covers for volume 1 of SCORNED 😀 I have two covers so far! One I really love, and I hope they’ll love it too :] (definitely rooting for that one to get the most votes lmao)

If you’re also enjoying my comic, consider becoming a patron and get access to chapter 3 completed AS WELL as behind the scenes and more!
But if you can’t become a patron, that’s fine! Feel free to vote for SCORNED and boost the comic to reach a wider audience!

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