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03-23 published on No Comments on 03-23

Do I smell a bit of backstory and drama in the air between these two? I think I do!

BUT OF COURSE THE CHAPTER HAD TO CLOSE ON SUCH A CLIFF-HANGER. Chapter three has come to an end and I’m excited for chapter 4 to pop up! I was hoping that this was going to be the chapter to get people talking, y’know? Just speculating, maybe bring in more readers? But it seems like things went down and that’s ok. I know I have a few lurkers here and there and I guess maybe this chapter was most exciting for me because I love the type of stories where people solve crimes/work out the missing pieces/etc.
Thank you all for joining me on chapter 3 and I hope you think chapter 4 is even better!
Which by the way, patrons will get the start to chapter 4 in September, I’ll also be starting to do double-updates there, it’ll be the occasional double update, but a double update regardless! Just an extra thanks for their patronage!

If you’re also enjoying my comic, consider becoming a patron and get access to the future updates of SCORNED as well as their wips!
But if you can’t become a patron, that’s fine! Feel free to vote for SCORNED and boost the comic to reach a wider audience! For the completion of this chapter… I thought it would be really nice to show off a sneak peek of the cover and page 1 of chapter four!

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