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02-28 published on No Comments on 02-28

It’s not a drama webcomic without at least breaking one mirror right? Right? I hope I’m right. I’m trying to check off all of my drama-trope-boxes.

How has everyone’s Labor Day Weekend been?
I hope it’s been good! Mine was okay! To be honest I completely lost a day, I kept thinking Monday was Tuesday and Tuesday was Wednesday lol I only realized what day it was when I had to throw out the trash.

Anyway, I’ve opened up my services as a comic assistant for flatting and inking! So if you or someone you know needs some assistant with their comics: – this is a thread with examples of my work and some straightforward pricing, it also has a google doc that goes over everything far more thoroughly!

I haven’t tried the sidebar yet, but if you can vote for SCORNED on TWC, that would be so awesome of you!!

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