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02-29 published on No Comments on 02-29

Not even going to lie, I forgot to update SCORNED Wednesday night because I decided to play video games and stream it, which, btw, shameless promo, if you have  a twitch and enjoy watching people play spooky games, please feel free to follow me here    

I’m currently doing Dead by Daylight and slowly going through ALIEN: Isolation, I do plan on expanding my game list, especially horror, but these are my big two for the moment.

Anyway, I really hope you liked last page and this page, we’re getting some Vampire lore through the means of showing AND telling. In case you don’t recognize it, this memory is 100% that dinner scene that happened at the start of the chapter, if you don’t remember it though, I don’t blame you… it’s been a whole damn year or close to it :’)
Originally I wanted to expand on vampires and make Annie ask all sort of questions, but to make sure the story moved along I decided against it and that we would just simply learn through her since she’s a fresh vampire that’s bound to learn new things!

If you enjoy reading SCORNED, then please vote for it here on TWC!! Every vote has the possibility of bringing in  a new reader on this supernatural ride!!

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