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02-23 published on No Comments on 02-23

Ugh, this was the page where everything sucked and just felt like it was taking 500 years to get done. As you can see, the quality is definitely on the lower end. But on the next page it looks better.

This page is definitely one where it will get inserted into the “EDIT FOR PRINT” folder.
Also, that guy’s name is Dermot, and YES Muirne is into him and he’s into her. Are they in a relationship? Who knows. Stick around to find out??

Anyway, good news, I’ll be starting work Friday, so I’ve been hard at work with trying to get pages done. I actually have 3 pages of a buffer for my patrons which hasn’t been a thing in SO LONG :’D tomorrow (Thursday) is my last free day, so I’m gonna try and make page #4 happen tomorrow so then I have a MONTH’S WORTH!! Because y’know, 1 page per week, 4 pages = 4 weeks = 1 month… boo yah?
I released the first speed paint for my patrons! The image in question is this one!
I’m gonna try and work on a step by step process of one of my pages for hopefully next week…. So for $2 you could join in on the fun? 😀
BTW, regarding the discord… uh… so I’ve been really enjoying not managing or worrying about one… so… I might actually hold off on getting the link back up here. I mean, HONESTLY, if enough people show interest in it, I’ll bring it back, but other than that I think I’m gonna let it sit in the abyss for awhile.

ANYWAY, enough typing, if you’re into voting PLEASE vote for SCORNED on TOPWEBCOMICS!

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