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02-24 published on No Comments on 02-24

I really loved working on the solo images of Annie, Belladonna and Hel. I think they look SO GOOD.
Also, we meet a new character! Yay! his name is Adam, THIS GUY I ACTUALLY PROPERLY INTRODUCED, but mainly because he’s kind of vital to Annie’s story, sorry for potential spoilers, but I think that was made obvious above, him being Evina’s partner and working on the case, Annie’s case specifically.
So, he’s a pretty chill guy I guess. I’m still coming up with a last name for him, but you can expect to see him making his way into the side character section at some point soon! (I’m honestly waiting to get a good drawing of him to use lol)
Also, vampire lady on the staircase is Amaya, I’m not gonna bother hiding her name from you guys and especially if I mention her, I don’t wanna say lady in red or mysterious staircase woman, that’s just too much to type lol.

So I hopped on the bandwagon of using spreadsheets to organize my comic and I really like!ImageImage
I can’t tell if you can make out the details all that well, I did shrink it down so it wouldn’t completely take over the description :’D
I might work on chapter 4 later tonight. The spreadsheet has been great in terms of figuring out how long each chapter will last, when to take my in between chapter breaks and more.
Also hey, if you’re into voting PLEASE vote for SCORNED on TWC! (p.s, I can’t seem to edit the buttons on the side but there is a new incentive for sure! Once again featuring our lovely Muirne!)

I’ll see you next week 🙂

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