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02-02 published on No Comments on 02-02

Happy Thursday!! I just got confirmation yesterday that the pins are in the process of shipment so hopefully they’ll be here the latest Tuesday of next week?
Also in case I haven’t said anything I took a big risk and changed my hours at work. I would end up sleeping a lot and not doing everything I wanted on my days off, and since I would love to get back into art and actually work on my stuff I realized I would also love to try and make extra cash off of commissions again and maybe the reduction in hours would really kick me in my butt and help me thrive to reach that.
My new official schedule starts the 18th so here’s to hoping it works out! I’m very behind in pretty much EVERYTHING I want to do so I really hope I can catch up with everything in a timely manner.
Also I would love to activate my patreon again, I haven’t turned on payments since August I think lol

ANYWAY, have a nice and awesome week! See you next Thursday!!
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