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02-03 published on No Comments on 02-03

Hey everyone! If you’ve stumbled upon my site from twitter or elsewhere and you see that the URL is obviously different (probably because you couldn’t access it’s because it is! I went into it a bit in my FaQ page, it’s the 9th question. But I’ll go into it here too!
I toyed with renaming HF as Scorned for about a week before officially making the change. The original name was meant to be a play on words but I think it really went over everyone’s head lol – and that’s okay, it’s really not that obvious. But Scorned sounded really good, as it’s one name, easy to say and can roll off the tip of the tongue easily. So Scorned won as the pros/cons list had a better outcome in the pros points.
So, PLEASE make sure to update your links – RSS feed, whatever it is that you use to know that there is an update – etc.
Onto some other stuff – pretty sure I’ve said it before but I had my patreon on pause because I felt like I couldn’t deliver my promises to people about the things I wanted to do, tier rewards specifically, so I gave my patreon a revamp and messaged my patrons in case they wanted a refund for the last month that they pledged due to this revamp. My patreon is now a “pay what you want” with $2 as a base tier – you can still select the amount that you want to pledge – and you’ll get the rewards at the end of the month as usual, so that means you can get early updates, work in progress images and more basically at $1 per month if you wanted! So in case you wanted to help Scorned or me, in a more financial way, my patreon is basically now super cheap or honestly you can just share my webcomic around – that would be great! Word of mouth really does do wonders for a webcomic! 🙂

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