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01-01 published on No Comments on 01-01

Ahhh! Here is the first (official) page to chapter one, I absolutely LOVED creating this page. If interested, I made a speed-paint of me working on this from start to finish, that means sketch to final rendering, but it is lengthy, like 40 minutes? It was a long process though. Click here to watch the speedpaint. Also can we just adore Hel’s happy face here? I tried to make it look like she’s forcing herself to sit up higher so she can see things beyond the dashboard. ;-; she’s 5’2 and in a camper so she’s so smol.
I’ve been occasionally editing the site, I’m sure you noticed I’ve got a twitter feed now on the side, we also have a support page, the links page is separate from EXTRA but still under extra, when I’ve got more time I’m planning to do a few designs here and there to add to the site too.

Hey, if you wanna get a chance to see Tuesday’s page please consider voting for Hel’s Ferrywomen on topwebcomics!

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