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01-00 published on No Comments on 01-00

TRIGGER WARNING: This chapter contains sensitive topics such as sexual assault and trauma. PLEASE proceed with caution and do what is best for your mental health.

Here we go! A new chapter begins, even though it is a sensitive one, I hope you still enjoy the story. I can promise you this chapter won’t go too deep into it but I hope you still proceed with caution when reading this part.
I struggled with creating this cover a whole bunch, lots of re-doing, I even got to a point where I finished inking everything but… I just wasn’t happy with it. I hope you like it though. I definitely like the finished result. 🙂
If you’re interested in seeing the speed paint then just click here!!

Also I revamped my patreon a bit, my patreon now only has a total of 4 tiers, different images/titles to suit Hel’s Ferrywomen.
Heads up, I’ll be updating this week’s page Wednesday since I’ll be leaving Wednesday night to spend some time with the husbun, so if you wanna see a little preview to tomorrows page vote for Hel’s Ferrywomen on topwebcomics!

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