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00-14 published on No Comments on 00-14

Ah! Here’s the end of the prologue.  Hope you guys enjoyed it.  When writing the prologue for Hel’s Ferrywomen I wanted to keep it short and to the point.
When I wrote Scarred Eden’s prologue I kind of felt like it wasn’t as direct as it should have been… Normally prologues should give the reader a good idea of what adventure they’ll be taking on as well as keep it entertaining and to the point. So I hope I managed to pull this off with Hel’s Ferrywomen. Next week there won’t be any updates but the following week we’ll jump in with chapter 1. 🙂
BTW, I hope you guys like the minor editing I’ve been doing to the site. I didn’t like the pitch black background so I gave a dark greyish one instead, I think it looks far better than having pure white text clash against the black bg. Lemme know what you think 🙂

Also guys, look at what I have ToT

My husbun pre-ordered this for me back in December and it finally arrived like a week ago so he gave it to me while we were away for his birthday, and UGH I love it so much. I love Baby Yoda (yes I know it’s actually called The Child but I prefer Baby Yoda) ugh so cute ;-;
Anyway, vote for Hel’s Ferrywomen if you want a glimpse of chapter 1’s cover! 😀

Thanks for reading!! <3 See you guys on the 22nd!

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