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01-02 published on No Comments on 01-02

We’re finally seeing these two! I adore these girls! Also can we just appreciate Phyrra’s face of disapproval?
this is definitely the face your mom would make after she asks you to do something and you say no or talk back. :’D
The two new lovely ladies have been added to the character page, also there’s a surprise on the character page, it’s hidden but I think it will be a total treat for those super into character lore and backstory <3

I’ve done more with the site, I finally managed to center the titles to pages as well as the footer -_- (this whole time I thought it was a layout issue) and I added 3 new buttons, a ko-fi button in case you wanna make a random donation to help me in making sure Hel’s Ferrywomen becomes a top priority or just help out in general and then 2 patreon buttons to preview the current monthly bundle and the 2 early update pages for Hel’s Ferrywomen. 🙂 Speaking of Patreon, June’s monthly bundle went up today! 😀 For just $1.00 per month you can get access to behind the scenes content such as page sketches, line art, finished products, early access to speedpaints and the occasional coloring pages. 🙂 okay, end of my shameless self promo ;D
Two last things I wanna do for the site is create a content warning and a schedule pic.
And then I might fix up some of the buttons, like my store button, my official (from home) store is currently closed because of the pandemic and my printer is messy so I don’t have ANY HF merch to put out, so I’ll probably link the store to my society6.
While I was away last week I ended up doing a lot of traditional art of Hel, here is a video: (nsfw warning)

ok I didn’t know the video was gonna be that big on the screen. ._. anyway if you wanna skip the video then in today’s TWC voting I’ll have the pics up as well as a preview to Thursday’s page 🙂

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